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A Neocon's idea of Late Night Entertainment


Welcome to Late Night with David Letterman. Tonight Davids very special guest host is Vice President Dick Cheney. Vice President Cheney guests will be the Reverend Pat Robertson and commentator Anne Coulter. Please welcome Vice President Dick Cheney.

My fellow Americans tonights very special Top Ten List as presented by my some Great Americans. The top ten reasons why we should repeal the twenty-second amendment and elect George Bush President for life:

Number Ten, Anne Coulter: We need a few more years to convince all of the Jews that they need to become perfected and convert to Christianity.

Number Nine, Rush Limbaugh: We are in an economic boom. If we can continue with this trend we can use up all of our financial resources within my lifetime!

Number Eight, Bill OReilly: The Democrats will no doubt immediately declare war on Christmas and maybe Easter. They must be stopped.

Number Seven, Mark Levin: The chances of Justices Stephens and Ginsberg remaining active on the Supreme Court for another four years is negligible. With two more appointment we can control this country for the next forty years. A gun for everybody!

Number Six, Scooter Libby: My sentence has only been commuted. I havent been pardoned yet.

Number Five, Sean Hannity: We need four more years to brainwash more people that there is no global warming.

Number Four, Congressman Tom Delay: The Statute of Limitations will run out on many of my crimes!

Number Three, Karl Rove: I have many dirty tricks that I havent tried yet!

Number Two, Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez: I too, have not been pardoned yet!

Number One, President George Bush: I just learned to count to twelve!



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