jellomarx (jellomarx) wrote,

Movie scenes

When I'm bored and can't think of things to write, I make lists.  Today is my favorite movie scenes.  This could change tomorrow and is completely arbitrary.

Casablanca- 1941- The Airport Scene
Duck Soup- 1933- The Mirror Scene

Inherit the Wind- Tracy cross examines March

The naughty Nineties- Who's on First?

Cabaret- Liza singing Cabaret

West Side Story- America

Safety Last- Harold Lloyd hanging from the clock

A Streetcar Names Desire- 1951- Stella!

To Kill a Mockingbird- Boo Radley comes out

The Gold Rush- 1925- The Tramp's Lunch

On The Waterfront- Steiger and Brando in the Car

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid -1969- The Final Scene

A Night At the Opera- 1935- The Stateroom scene

The Wizard of OZ- Somewhere over the Rainbow

Jaws- Shaw's story about the USS Indianapolis

The Godfather- 1972- The Horses Head

Annie Hall- 1977- Brother Duane

The Great Dictator- 1940 Hynkel dances with the Globe

Midnight Cowboy- I'm Walkin Here

Manhattan- Woody Allen missing Mariel Hemmingway

Cat Ballou- Lee Marvin and the Horse

Network- Mad as Hell

Modern Times -1936- The Tramp with the machines

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington- 1939- The Filibuster

A Shot in the Dark- the Nudist Colony

The Graduate- 1967-Mrs. Robinson Are you trying to seduce me?

The Bridge on the River Kwai- the destruction of the Bridge

From Here to Eternity- 1953- The Beach Scene

Citizen Kane-1941-Rosebud

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-1975-McMurphy attacks Nurse Rached

Animal Crackers Hooray for Captain Spaulding

When Harry Met Sally-1989- The Orgasm over lunch

Bull Durham- Candlesticks make a Nice Gift

Schindler's List-1993- The Final scene

Star Wars - The Cantina

City Lights- 1931- The Flower Girl realizes who the Tramp is.

North By Northwest- 1959- Cary Grant in the Cornfield

Taxi Driver- 1976- You Talking to Me

Dr. Strangelove- Slim Pickens on the Bomb

Young Frankenstien - The Blind Man

Psycho- 1960- The Shower Scene

Singing in the Rain- 1952- The Song

It's a Wonderful Life- 1946- George kisses Mary

Big- The Piano dance

Being There- The Elevator

The Producers- First meeting of Bialystock and Bloom

My darling Clementine- The shootout at the OK Corral

Goodfellows- A Funny Guy

An American President- Michael Douglas's speech

Blazing Saddles- The Bean scene

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