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2008 A year in review

 Thank God it's Over!

I think 2008 will go down personally and in the history books as one of the worst years in recorded history.  What went well?  What went badly? In stream of consciousness format.

Terrible-  The war in Iraq still goes on.  We know that there was no point to this war.  What a colossal waste!

Sad (Personal).  My Dad passed.  When Vietnam started, my Dad, like many World War II veterans, supported the war.  He quickly changed his mind and was opposed to that and every subsequent war.   He was proof that one is never too old to grow.

Awful- The economy.  I just had dinner with friend, who told me that his sister, her husband and kids are living in a shelter.   I'm afraid this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Disastrous-  The current situation in the Middle East.  Although, I'm not religious,  I am extremely passionate about Israel.  It's difficult for a Jew, who grew up during or shortly after the Holocaust to not find pride in Israel and to take any attack upon her as something less than an attack upon his or herself.

Good (personal)-  I discovered writing as therapy.  I love it.

Great-  This Country finally elected the brightest kid in the class.

Scary-  The lack of responsibility taken by this government over the ecology.

Barbaric- The Bigotry of Proposition 8,  I know who Gay Marriage benefits.   I can't for the life of me figure out who it hurts.


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Dec. 31st, 2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your list.

My father died forty years ago this Sunday. January 4th is always a meditative day for me. There will always be a hole there with that loss.

This with the economy is staggering. We don't expect it to affect those we know and it is and will. I am sorry for this family of whom you speak.

I'm glad you are writing. Thank you!

Yes, on Israel, I think it is hard for us all. There is a sense of pride perhaps for many of us who are not Jewish in what has been accomplished. It is a dream fulfilled, a chance, and and so it is hard to know how to understand what goes on now and how to find resolution. I guess I am one who likes things settled. Maybe I need to look at that in myself this year. Clearly, it will be an unsettled year.

I'll add as a plus for my year meeting you!
Dec. 31st, 2008 11:27 pm (UTC)
I'll add as a plus for my year meeting you!

Thank you. Same here.
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