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Pet Peeves Part III

Does Anyone really care what Rosie O’Donnell or Donald Trump think about anything?

The minute that their names are mentioned I change the channel.

Brittany Spears should be left alone. She is a sad, pathetic obviously disturbed young lady who may never be given a fair chance to heal. What is it our business?

There is legitimate news. Why must approximately 25% of every cable news program be devoted to this nonsense? Could anyone imagine Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow discussing Paris Hilton?

I also have never understood the purpose of sticking a microphone in the face of a grieving parent. It doesn’t benefit anyone. I can’t believe that it helps the healing of the grieving party.

I hate the "man on the street" interview. Who cares what a bystander who can’t mold a coherent sentence thinks?

"Here we are with Stanley. Stanley what did you think of that explosion?"

"It was loud."

"There you have it, Stanley says it was loud!"

Now, I certainly couldn’t live without that!

I watched the Democratic debate last night. Anyone who has read my writing, knows that I am a Democrat. Frankly, I found the childish banter between Clinton and Obama embarrassing. Thankfully, Edwards was able to refocus the parties to the issues. Don’t they realize that by beating each other up, they are opening the door for a Republican.

From top to bottom, we’re not focused. The economy is in shambles. Pakistan, our "ally" may be the most dangerous place on the earth. Young people are dying needlessly in Iraq. Fuel is approaching $4.00 a gallon. We don’t have a working health care system. Children in this country go to bed hungry. But, our leaders are arguing about who a young Lawyer, who was an associate, and had no choice, had to represent a long time ago.

You know that Brittany and Paris wouldn’t argue about that!




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