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You can't Unscramble an Omelet

You can’t unscramble an Omelet

In my bachelor days, I dated a lot of different women. Some were nice. Some were boring. One was crazy! One probably would have been more interested in the other women than in me.

The crazy one was perhaps the most interesting and in retrospect the most perplexing. She was beautiful! I was blinded and stupid! When I first met her, my friend, her boss, said that my tongue was dragging on the ground.

We started to date in September 1986. She seemed normal, not very ambitious, but there was a sweet vulnerability to her. I soon came to realize that that was one of her many personalities.

There was the sweet vulnerable girlfriend, who I wanted to protect. There was the introspective girlfriend, who I wanted to hold. There was the angry girlfriend, who I wanted to understand. Then there was the crazy girlfriend, who I wanted to cure!

In her lucid moments she knew there was a problem. She went into therapy. She was afraid, so I went with her and waited in the waiting room.

Eventually she resented me and I guess that I resented her.

We broke up. She returned to her married ex-boyfriend. I was crushed. We got back together at least two more times, but history would repeat itself.

One friend of mine said that if I married her, he’d follow us down the aisle with a butterfly net. Another friend of mine told me when I was about to return to her "You can’t unscramble an omelet." Wiser words were never spoken.

I don’t know whatever happened to her. I hope that she’s happy. I hope she got help.. I certainly didn’t have the training or the knowhow to help her. Without her help it wasn’t my place anyhow!




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