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Why I'm voting for Barack Obama

Regardless of whether we like these candidates or not, one has to acknowledge that this is an exciting and pivotal time in our nation's history. The two people left standing, in a major party, are an African American and a Woman.

I'm leaning towards Obama. I want to feel proud again when I hear my President speak! It's great to hear someone speak who doesn't remind me of Daffy Duck.

As for Hillary, I don't dislike her. I just feel that the Neocons will tie up the Legislative Branch so much so, that she won't get a chance to govern.

No matter what, if only because Stephens and Ginsburg are unlikely to serve for 4 more years. we must have a Democrat!

No "super-power" has lasted this long.  Because 200+ years ago some forward thinking people built into the system checks and balances. For the most part it's worked brilliantly!   However, it is protected by 9 men and women who more frequently than not rise to the occasion.

The Warren court was wonderful for Civil Rights. Unfortunately there is a trend towards those rights eroding.

I believe that Scalia has a place on the court. (Maybe emptying garbage?) No seriously, his opinion should be heard as 1 in 9. Now he's 4 in 9. The next pick is dangerous.

We've made grave mistakes, Slavery, Japanese internment, disco! But, we always seem to come out better on the other end.

I'm sorry if I sound like a Kate Smith record, but although I have no faith in the temporary residents of Pennsylvania Avenue, I have great faith in the constitution.

Nixon tried unsuccessfully to subvert the constitution. The checks and balances of the three tier system worked.

I'm sorry, you can't shut up an old McGovern Democrat.



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