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Strange system

I got my first speeding ticket today in over 30 years.  I deserved it,  I was polite to the officer.  After all he was just doing his job.  I guess he appreciated the fact that I cooperated, because he proceeded to tell me how to plea bargain the ticket.  I didn't tell him that I was an Attorney.  He seemed like a nice young man.  I was the idiot speeding.

Where was I speeding to?  I was returning from the Gym to my office, where the telephones are not ringing and the only mail is bills.

I've been an Attorney for 26 years, mostly doing Real Estate. This is the worst that I've seen it.

A friend of mine and I discuss our credit card debt.  Mine is only staggering to me.

A number of years ago, when business was good,  I loaned some money to my wife's cousin's husband.  His wife doesn;t know about it.  They take elaborate vacations.  We went out with them Saturday Night, with the understanding that neither of us, would order wine.   The meal was delicious.  I hope that his pre-dinner and after dinner wines were also delicious.  I paid for half of it.   i also kept my part of the bargain.  He owes me pretty much what I owe Mastercard.  Ergo, besides the government,  I may be the only entity that loan money and then pays the interest on it.    The Jello bail out system. 


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Feb. 2nd, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
You are a good guy. Now, I find myself thinking too good. I suggest you have a talk with this guy. Splitting an uneven bill is not fair, and it is really not fair when this guy owes you money and ignores it and he will ignore it until you speak and now is the time. If they can afford elaborate vacations, they can afford to pay you back. It is not right. It is time to speak!

Feb. 3rd, 2009 01:06 am (UTC)
I got my only speeding ticket the day before Thanksgiving, 2008, at age 50. My friend's teenage son pointed out the hilarity of that fact, as I am not a fast person (or a young speed demon)! The officer claimed I was going 38 in a 25 mph zone, but we found out that the posted limit is 30 mph. And so did the cop, who amended the ticket by mail within a couple of days. I've requested a trial by mail, and the court date was set 3 months from the date of the ticket - so later this month.

I'm happy not to be running a bail-out system. Sorry you ended up doing so.
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