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Impeach Bush?


EXTRA! EXTRA! Congress decides to hold

hearings regarding the impeachment of President Bush!

As reported last week by national columnist Robert Novack, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced today that she will ask for a special Prosecutor to be appointed to investigate the allegation that President Bush violate Federal Regulation D-64827, by pulling the tag off of a Mattress. Mrs. Pelosi alleged that the mattress was clearly labeled with the words "do not remove under penalty of law," in big black letters.

When asked why she chose such a minor offense to investigate, while ignoring potential violations of ethics such as illegal wiretaps and misleading the nation regarding the grounds for war, Mrs. Pelosi said "Its not the magnitude of the crime thats important here, its the example that he setting for our children."

Mr. Novack refused to name his sources, but it is believed that he found out about the incident from Representative Charles Rangel of New York, when the Congressman detected the tag stuck to the heal of the Presidents riding boots at a meeting at the White House.

The incident came to a head last week when Mr. Bush pardoned Alberto Gonzalez, Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney for various violations of Federal Law. Going unnoticed by many members of Press was the pardon of George W. Bush for violation of Federal Regulation D-64827.

When asked for a comment former Speaker of the House, Tom Delay, said that he has personal knowledge of both former President Bill Clinton and former Hillary Clinton pulling tags off of mattresses. He continues "Ive even spoken to a reliable source who says that he knows first hand that while alone in the White House with Monica Lewinsky, President Clinton pulled tags off of many pillows." When reached for a comment, President Clinton said, "I never pulled the tag off of a Pillow!"



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