jellomarx (jellomarx) wrote,

Liberal Hypocrisy

 This was based upon a posting yesterday in politicsforum ,

 We now take you live to the Press Conference of Anne Vulture.   It is believed that Ms. Vulture is to announce a new charitable organization.
Vulture: Yesterday, Obama signed the SCHIP expansion. The merits of the bill (or lack thereof) are one thing entirely - families making $66k a year need assistance? Really? - but Obama's pretty much confirming that he's abandoning any pretense of being true to his campaign.
Over 60% of smokers are "working poor" below the poverty line The vast majority of smokers make less than $250k/year. How is SCHIP funded? With a cigarette tax that will undoubtedly hurt the poor with a bad habit. Thanks, President Obama - glad to know your "I won't raise taxes on anyone under $250/$200/$250k" promise was just another myth.
So today I am announcing the formation of a new charity, for a group that is clearly the subject to discrimination, but the Liberals just ignore them.  This foundation is called “Aid to the impoverished smoker.”
We will raise the awareness of the general public to show how these poor maligned people choose between food, shelter and tobacco.  Now these Liberal Bigots want to make it harder for them.
Are Milk drinkers not allowed to drink their milk in the office lunchroom?   Are peanut eaters not allowed to eat peanuts at a ballpark?  Why then are these individuals chosen to have special restrictions?
I long for the day when either there is no discrimination against smokers or we see a group of Coca-Cola drinkers congregating outside of a Manhattan office building.
Let’s see how many Liberals join us.  For those who don’t will truly be hypocrites.
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