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What an interesting place.

I signed up about 3 weeks ago, I already have 74 friends and only insulted 1.

There are those 5 or 6 that I grew up with, who I haven't seen in almost 40 years. One guy who friended me hasn't said a word. The last time that I spoke with him was the morning of my Bar Mitzvah. He called to say he couldn't make it. It was understandable, there was a terrible ice storm.

Then there's the High School friends. The ladies are so happy to be back in touch with me. Interesting, because they wouldn't speak to me in High School.

The College friends are fun. One wrote me saying how my sense of humor is as good as it was in College. I have no clue who he is. I asked another friend, he told me that he's the Anti-Christ.

The rest are relatives, business associates and friends that I've made over the years.

My favorite part is the status section:

"Jane is going to the bathroom." "John just coughed up some phlegm."

What I decided to do was have a song, book or movie quote each day. Today it says "Jello came in through the bathroom window..." Many friend continue the quotes, with either the real words or their own, that part is fun.

My only disappointment is when I said, "Jello says, leave the guns, take the cannolis." Nobody commented.
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