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The Emporer has no clothes

We complain about the hate radio as if it’s something that just recently came into being. In the 1930's there were the Antisemitic isolationist rants of Father Charles Coughlin.

"At its peak in the early 1930s, Coughlin's radio show was phenomenally popular. His office received up to 80,000 letters per week from listeners, and his listening audience was estimated to rise at times to as much as a third of the nation. Coughlin is often credited as one of the major demagogues of the 20th century for being able to influence politics through broadcasting, without actually holding a political office himself." Wikipedia

Does this sound familiar? Today’s version of Father Coughlin is Rush Limbaugh.

“Coughlin, who was attracted to the Jewish conspiracy theories promulgated by Henry Ford's 1932 anti-Semitic tome, The International Jew, became increasingly extremist in his tone and delivery, accusing FDR of being a tool of the evil cabal that secretly ran the world. He was a significant spokesman for the "America First" movement, which advocated American non-involvement in the growing strife in Europe and Asia. And he was an inspiration for a whole generation of anti-Semites who went on to found such movements as Christian Identity and Posse Comitatus.

Limbaugh, in contrast, has always carefully eschewed conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism. Through most of the first decade of his radio career, his primary schtick has been to rail against the government and its supposed takeover of our daily lives. This anti-government propaganda has served one main purpose: To drive a wedge between middle- and lower-class workers and the one entity that has the real (if sometimes abused or neglected) capability to protect them from the ravages of wealthy class warriors and swarms of corporate wolves.” http://cursor.org/stories/fascismi.php

I've often thought that the fans of the like of Limbaugh should be like Hockey Fans. Any given city may have 17,000 of them, but they go to every game. Nobody else listens, nobody else watches. For Limbaugh his huge audience is loyal, dedicated and maniacal. But it's still a minority. I think that we have to remember this. The majority has seen through his charade. As disgusting a thought as this may be, the emperor has no clothes/


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Mar. 3rd, 2009 03:39 pm (UTC)
Good point. That would fit Potter Stewart's definition of pornography.
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