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Consider the Horses Hoof (Part 2)

To the tune of Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Kingmaker, Kingmaker, make me a king.
Lie if you must, they’ll kiss your gold ring
Kingmaker, Kingmaker, you wrote the book
Now find me a perfect crook.

Kingmaker, Kingmaker, I'll stuff the box.
You bring the stooge, he must own stocks
Make him right wing, not of the left
I’ll planing the perfect theft.

For Rush, make him a ditto.
For Anne, he should be Mean.
For me, well, would it be pushy
If we could choose just one more like George Bushy?

Kingmaker, Kingmaker, make me a king.
Find me a stooge, I’ll kiss your ring.
Bush after Bush, now let’s embark.
Will search in a trailer park.


Country, my Country I’ve found a Queen for you.
She's right wing! With our kind of values. All right, she's a grandmother too!
And she's a hunter, from the right batch. Great Shot!
She’ll keep you wealthy. That’s part of her plot,
If you follow her, otherwise you will get squat!

Oh Rush! I've found her! I’ve found her! She will stick to our side!
She’s redneck . She's a real cracker! She’ll won’t be Jeckel, but beware of her Hyde!
But she's a right wing. she knows who’s boss? Right!
You've heard that she’s not the brightest. Upstairs there may be no light.
But remember with W, we lasted eight years, and he wasn’t bright.

There are no more like Reagan.
He was a flash in the pan.
With all we’ve done to this nation,
I’m afraid that she’s the best man!

Kingmaker, Kingmaker, we don’t want slime
She’s one of us, please check her with vice crime
With her I don’t think we could
Garner support in the black neighborhood.

Dear Sarah, you’re so judgmental.
Remember, how hard you tried.
To see to your duties Parental.
But, please lock your daughter inside!

Kingmaker, Kingmaker, I’ll make the plans.
OK them with Rush. I’m unconcerned
Telling tall tales, will not get us spurned.
So bring me no Bush, assume that there’s doom,
Blind lead the blind, dispatch this catch
And we’ll not be overmatched!



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