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Even as a child he had the same ambition.   He wanted to be a Lawyer.  He wanted to wear his thousand dollar suits and argue in front of the Supreme Court.  It was not to be, they had met when he was young.  She got pregnant, they got married.  He went to Law School.  Graduated in the lower half of his class.   Got a desk job, where he would sit for the next thirty years.  His dream of arguing  would remain a dream.
She was so lovely when they were young, that it often disguised her lack of charm.  A thought never entered her head that didn’t find an egress through her mouth.  Still other times, it appeared as if she didn’t know what she would say until she heard it come out of her mouth.   
She was never satisfied with him.   She dreamed of marrying the success that lived in his fantasy.  She wanted to see her husband perfectly attired in a suit that fit like a glove.   That wasn’t him. At least they were consistent, he also was never satisfied with him.   
As unhappy as they were. Others believed that they made a perfect couple.  He, the shallow, daydreaming slob.  She the self absorbed, condescending, onetime beauty queen.
Boy could they fight.  They’d argue over money and health, like all couples.  But they’d also argue about nothing, just for the sake of arguing.
He still daydreamed about the Supreme Court.  If he would never make his argument, at least he could see it in session.  They were going to make a trip to Washington.  The Court would be part of the agenda.
As they approached the Courthouse, they saw the Attorneys enter.  They were dressed elegantly in their expensive attire. “Why couldn’t I have married one of them?” She asked, Instead, look what, I got!”
Through his gritting teeth he said, louder then he had realized, “Don’t start, not here.”
She didn’t care where or how load, as she bellowed, “I’ll speak anyway that I damn please.”
A third, unknown male voice chimed in, “No you won’t speak anyway you damn please. Not here.”
Just as that third voice finished his statement, the husband’s fist connected with his jaw, and he said, “Nobody speaks to my wife that way.”
The Capital Police pounced on him immediately.  It was then that he realized what he had done.  He had lived his dream by arguing in front of the Supreme Court, but at the same time had knocked out Justice Scalia, with one punch.
Later that week, when visiting him in Federal Prison, she realized that her dream was also fulfilled.  His Orange jumpsuit fit like a glove. 



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