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My writing lately has been a Sham

My writing lately has been a Sham
I am not pleased, said Marc-I-am
Where has all my talent gone?
For what I write causes all to yawn!

Should I try to plagiarize?
Those that do, I just despise!
Although my writing has been a sham,
I will not get caught in a scam.
Although it is tempting,
said Marc-I-am.

I really hate this writing Jam,
but, do you really give a damn?

Nobody really gives a damn,
Not you, nor your Madame.

I can not write a thing today,
oh, my mind has gone astray
I’ve got it, I’ll write about
Tooth decay.
That will chase all of you away.
It feels like I’m stuck in a traffic jam,
For my writing sucks said, Marc-I-am

Should I try to write in the Shul?
Writing from right to left is always cool!

No, I must get this through my head.
My inspiration is all but dead!
I can not write in a Shul.
On the Sabbath, it’s against the rule!
But, I have never been attentive.
To me there’s just been no incentive
So I will continue to eat my ham
Just not in Temple said Marc-I-Am.

Could I write at the Palladium?
Or what about at Yankee Stadium?

I will not write at the Palladium.
Nor will I at Yankee Stadium?

I go there to see A-Rod’s clout
But when it counts, he’ll just Strike out.
Can my inspiration come from watching Bill O?
Maybe, but the mere thought, makes me want to be smothered by a pillow!
No Bill O will not break this span
I can think of nothing said Marc-I-Am.

Palin! Palin!
Palin! Palin!
My God, had she won
we would be failin’

From Sarah I got inspired, I’ll face that fact!
Writing was easy, ‘cause she was cracked!
I would write, could write about that fool,
I could write, would write, it just wouldn’t be cool.

I will not take an easy shot
At the woman who truly knew nothing more than squat.
A brain was what she really lacked.
The odds against her truly stacked.
No, I will not write about that Sham
Although, I’d like to, Marc-I-Am.

What about a poem of Rush?
Just think such a poem could be so Lush!
Would I, Could I, write that Gush?

I would not, could not,
write of Rush

Would I, could I,
write of Annie?

I would not, could not, write of Annie
Not of Bill O, Not of Rush.
Not in the Palladium, Not in the Stadium.
I cannot write about these folks,
‘cause everyone writes about these Jokes

I no longer can write, I’ve inspiration no more!
I’d think about jumping, but I’m on the first floor!
Now maybe I’ll sleep on it, just this one night.
Or maybe I’ll write about Sarah for spite

Oh hell, I’ll take the easy way out of my Jams.
I will write about those neonon shams.
Although, it’s as easy a dunk as a slam
I am no fool said, Marc-I-Am.


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Jul. 6th, 2009 10:47 pm (UTC)
Big smile!

Take the easy shot.
Stir up that plot.
Write about those neonon shams.
Write; write, Marc-I-Am!
Jul. 7th, 2009 12:16 am (UTC)
Lately I've forgotten why I enjoyed writing so much. For a year it came easy. Today, I forced myself.

You're able to write every day. How?
Jul. 7th, 2009 04:32 am (UTC)
I don't think about it. I just write. I'm not trying to be creative. Usually I just have something I want to say or share.
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