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Travels with Charlie

Some men truly know how to enjoy their bachelor days.    My friend Charlie was one of those men.   Don't get me wrong, I would be shocked if I ever heard that he treated a woman with less than the utmost respect.  I would be further shocked to hear than any of his many girlfriends don’t have anything, but fond memories of their times with Charlie.    Some people get it and some don’t.  He just got it!


He’s a good looking guy.  He also looks deceptively innocent.   There wasn’t a Jewish Mother in Nassau County that didn’t picture their daughter married to Charlie.  I loved walking into his office and ask “Show me the list.”   The list was the numbers and names of all of the woman who were waiting for his calls for blind dates.   


I once set him up on a date.   For whatever reason the relationship didn’t work out.  Years later I bumped into the young lady.  Before she could say hello, she asked me if my friend was married. 


Charlie was never insincere.   He never lied.  He was what he was.  He looked a lot like Tim Matheson from the movie Animal House.   I lived vicariously through his escapades.   Whether it was the woman he met in a Utah Hot Tub who after a weekend was willing to convert for him.   Or the Jewish French woman who he met on a Plane ride to Rochester, New York, who after the short ride they had agreed to meet in New York for dinner and a show.   Then she invited him to Paris for a week.   Or the hatcheck girl!


I played Sunday Morning Softball with Charlie.  We knew that we’d have to give him a wake up call, because he just got home an hour earlier.


I remember his bachelor party.  I toasted him.   “I’ve had four heroes in my life, Groucho Marx, John Lennon, Mickey Mantle and you.  Now you’re all dead!


He’s now very happily married to a lovely lady and has two wonderful kids.   I’m sure that he doesn’t miss those days.   I certainly miss the stories.



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