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Animal Insticts

Many of us, me included, share the goal that we mate for life. Many animals, without making a promise before God share the same goal. Are we truly superior to animals?

Gibbons mate for life. “Gibbons are social animals. They are strongly territorial, and defend their boundaries with vigorous visual and vocal displays. The vocal element, which can often be heard for distances of up to 1 km, consists of a duet between a mated pair, their young sometimes joining in. In most species males, and in some also females, sing solos that attract mates...” Wikipedia. Now, any of you who know me, know that I would never have attracted a mate if I sang. Animals 1, Humans 0.

Termites mate for life. Termites eat a lot too. At a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, my wife can have one “pig in a blanket” and be satisfied. Whereas, I’ve been known to tip the waiter, so he’ll bring me an entire tray. Can a male termite tip a carpenter? Animals 1, Humans 1.

Pigeons mate for life. They are also homing animals. They often return to the same spots. You can just look at my terrace, if you don’t believe that. I think someday we will learn that there are Pigeon Realtors. These birds make their living selling spots on terraces, statues and park benches, once a Pigeon couple has passed on. Pigeons can’t use the toilet. Clearly we win. Humans 2 Animals 1.

Wolves mate for life. However, it is not uncommon for the breading male to mate with more than one subordinate female. I can’t imagine what would happen if I referred to my wife as the “subordinate female.” Don’t female wolves have egos? Humans 3 Animals 1.

Bald Eagles mate for life. “The Bald Eagle's diet is opportunistic and varied, but most feed mainly on fish. In the Pacific Northwest, spawning trout and salmon provide most of the Bald Eagles' diet.” Wikipedia. Clearly their diet, although, lacking in roughage, is better then mine. My diet, is also opportunistic and varied. If I’m passing a Pizza place, I have Pizza. If I’m passing a diner, I have a cheeseburger deluxe. If it’s not summer, I always have mallomars. So although, I may enjoy my diet more, I give this to the animals. Humans 3 Animals 2.

Penguins mate for life. Men have to wear a tuxedo to look as good as a Penguin. Slam dunk. Humans 3 Animals 3.

French Angelfish mate for life. How the hell do we know this? My wife is cold at 80 degrees, I sweat at 50 degrees. I’ve never seen a French Angelfish wearing a sweater. Animals 4, Humans 3.

I guess that animals know best. Therefore happily, I’ll stay married!


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Sep. 27th, 2009 03:17 pm (UTC)
I smile!! Thank you! I love your conclusion and I'm glad you'll stay married. :)
Sep. 27th, 2009 04:47 pm (UTC)
Holding grudges: Time to give up the grudge
Are you holding grudges? Now is the ideal time to make a conscious decision to give up a grudge. Anytime is.
Grudges come in all shapes and sizes. Incidences behind them can range from the relatively petty to the criminal. Some, stemming from childhood, show remarkable staying power. This goes to show some of us can be surprisingly fond of our grudges.

Your grudge may be against a situation, another person or yourself.

You may be unable to forgive a friend who’s let you down.

As entitled as you feel to hold on tight to your bone of contention, ask yourself, is holding grudges really worth it?

Every situation we choose to confront will give us an opportunity to learn something. If you can winkle out the lesson from your own personal grudge, you’re well on your way to freeing yourself from its stranglehold.

Because let’s me be clear, we pay a price for holding grudges and refusing to let them go. Keeping grudges alive require little bundles of energy that could be channelled towards something way more productive.

Rather than dipping into, or even wallowing in a pool of resentment, build a bridge and get over it and move on.

What grudge are you going to put to bed?

Sep. 27th, 2009 04:48 pm (UTC)
Distance gives you perspectives
Sometimes it can be a very good thing to force your self to stay away from certain things or situations. To create a distance to it. Though of course it can be a very emotional but still the outcome could make you stronger and perhaps a bit wiser when you get some new perspective of it all. Sometimes by your own choice and sometimes by some others choice. Also of course sometimes it just happens without any reason.To get distance to certain things can after awhile give you a clearer insight to what it was all about.

You might find yourself creating this distance because you need some time to think about it all. To get away from it all, be left alone, when you found it as most intense and maybe at time annoying, not really knowing what to believe or how to interpret your own feelings. You had no intension of develop it into something more at that time and you do not have any intension to do so in the future either. So it is over and done with, you have moved on and you have no wishes what so ever to get in contact with that again.

Or it might be the other way around. During this time of no contact with it, silence and the distance from everything you might feel that maybe just maybe you did make a decision at that time which you felt you had to but you do like to take it up again maybe not at the same level but still you are not completely negative to the thought of breaking the silence, no longer continue this distance and get in contact with it again.

You might also get a really good perspective of things even if you never thought of it that way . All of a sudden it might hit you that .you might have been missing it so much that if the chance turns up again you won’t think twice about it.
You might be full aware that you cannot resist certain things therefore you choose to stay away from it. Deep down inside you know your weakness and you think you can overcome it by denying it, but the truth is if you was to face it you wouldn’t be able to say no.

BTW did I mention I like to analyze ; ) and also add a bit of philosophy to it all, sometimes even a bit of psychology happens to be involved too?

The truth is that some things are easier to understand and see some logic in while other things are less obvious.
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