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Differing Points of View


PHILOSOPHY: The Party is committed to helping the excluded, the disfranchised and the poor by providing a governmental framework which provides them the full opportunity to earn a piece of the American Dream (Democratic Party, 2008).

PRINCIPLES: Democrats believe that the proper role of the government is to regulate and oversee the economy (On the Issues, 2000). They believe the government should ensure that all people are taken care of by, for example, providing welfare, food stamps, education opportunities, and healthcare to those in need.

Energy: Democrats believe Americans deserve a more environmentally focused energy policy.

Education: Consistent with their philosophy of expanded governmental support, they also propose cutting student loan rates and making college tuition tax deductible.

Health Care: The Democrats want the federal government to provide a health care system that works for everyone, one that insures that every single citizen will have access to health care coverage.

Jobs and the Economy: Democrats believe that the government can and should attempt to create economic opportunities.

Real Security and Safety: The Democratic Party proposes to strengthen our military. They support protecting our homeland and the achievement of a sustained level of success and progress in Iraq. Despite this, many Democratic politicians continue to call for a relatively rapid withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, consistent with the liberal philosophy of a reduced U.S. presence in global affairs.

Immigration: Democrats are willing to allow Immigrants who are already in America, working, and paying taxes the ability to earn the same opportunities as U.S. citizens.

The first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, established the party’s ideology when he stated, “In all that people can do for themselves, the government should not interfere” (Republican vs. Democrats, 2004).

Their belief is that while it is the role of government to regulate and oversee morality (Ask Me, 2000); it is not the government’s responsibility to care for each individual. The Republican Party is based on the principles of personal responsibility, that individuals determine how they want to live their life, and should be allowed to succeed or fail based upon their own merits without government interference.

Energy: Republican proposals focus on more traditional sources of energy development

Education: Republican position on education is rooted more in personal responsibility and accomplishment with far less emphasis on governmental support.

Health Care: Republican Party proposes to make health care more affordable, accessible, and flexible to Americans, their plan is to lower taxes for those who purchase health insurance, making it easier for them to purchase on their own.

Jobs and the Economy: The Republican Party believes in restraining spending by the federal overnment despite the weak economic activity, and reforming tax codes to lower the tax burden.

Real Security and Safety: The Republican Party view is quite different. It supports the idea of protecting Americans at home by being honest to our troops, citizens, and allies. They believe in securing the needs of the twenty-first century by repairing the military, winning the war on terror, protecting our homeland security, ensuring success in Iraq, and freeing the U.S. of its independence on foreign oil (RNC, 2008).

Immigration: The Republican Party’s political ideology simply does not include allowing immigrants here illegally to earn the same opportunities or take on the responsibilities of U.S. citizens.


PHILOSOPHY: “Get off my Lawn!”

PRINCIPLES: “I told you to get off my lawn.”

Energy: “If you don’t get off my lawn, I will shoot you.”

Education: “I’ll learn my kids, myself. It was good enough for my daddy, it’s good enough for me.”

Health Care: "Let em die, if they want to.'

Jobs and the Economy: “Get a Job, you deadbeat.”

Real Security and Safety: “I’ll protect my Lawn, however I damn well want to!”

Immigration: “You cross that line and I kill you!”


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Oct. 10th, 2009 05:30 pm (UTC)
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Oct. 10th, 2009 09:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Our elected ones any way...
Stay off my Lawn.
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