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The Nighmare before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving morning, 2017. It was an unusually warm November. Ex
Vice President Gore, before President Palin sent him to Guantanamo
Bay, was explaining that this was an effect of man made climate
change. President Palin said that it was the commencement of the
Reckoning. Which she claimed gave her cause to suspend Habeus Corpus,
and imprison, among others, Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama, Vice
Presidents Mondale, Gore and Biden, Levi Johnston and Tina Fey.

This was the first Thanksgiving since the alleged Reckoning.
President Palin never really explained how folk like Harvey, who
retained his Judaism, were still alive. Harvey was not permitted,
being under house arrest to attend the parade down Central Park West,
but he would watch it on the only television station that
Murdoch-Time-Warner cable carried, Fox News.

The Parade hosted by Lou Dobbs and Michele Malkin would commence on
Father Coughlin Boulevard, formerly known as Central Park West, at the
former Museum of Natural History, now known to all as The Museum of
Intelligent Design. The former occupants of the Museum lost funding
and hence, the Museum was forced to close, when they refused to follow
Chief Justice Ann Coulter decision that it must give equal space to

Vice President Limbaugh, as Grand Marshall of the parade rides the
first float. The float is adorned with pictures of the Vice
President, in full regalia, crossing The Delaware, charging up San
Juan Hill and eating a Hoagie. In the rear of the float sits Mr.
Limbaugh upon his elevated chair. The chair, statutorily is elevated
above all other structures in t he parade.

Next is the first balloon. This balloon of Vice President Dick
Cheney, is making it’s first appearance in the parade. Vice President Cheney, whose likeness was recently carved into Mt. Rushmore, could not attend the Parade. It is believed, that he is preparing a speech in favor of making Nixon's birthday a national holiday.

This float is followed by the first family. They, of course, are singing their traditional holiday song, "You're having my baby. "

Harvey can't believe what he is watching. He knew that life would change in a Palin administration.

Suddenly Harvey is disturbed by a loud noise. It has all been a dream. Sarah Palin is not President. She is in Alaska with her family.

Oh, there's No Place Like Nome.



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