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If Dr. Seuss took the Subway

It was a hot August Day
Her scent was “Eau de Pig lying in Stool."
On the Train known as “A”
Upon his shoes, she did drool

He was standing
ignoring the underground noise.
When Morton heard the Barker peddling his toys.

- Batteries! - Batteries!

So Morton stopped reading, and asked all around.
"Why is he selling batteries, so deep underground"
Then a women did answer, in a voice loud as all thunder,
“Follow Jesus!” she cried, “or you’ll end up down under.”

"I can’t stand it." cried Morton,. "This commute to the Job.
I leave home as fresh as a daisy, but arrive quite a slob!"

Then he heard a loud crash, the drums and percussion!
"A Marching band," cried Morton, "I’ve gotta get out,”
“They’re rapping ‘Feelings.’ thought Morton, “This sucks without doubt.”

When in stepped a couple, just begging for dough,
wearing tattered blue jeans, but “Air Jordans” below!
"Their sneakers cost plenty, what’s that about?
Yet they’re begging for change, I can’t figure it out!"

"I’m just some poor worker, holding on to a strap
I'd love to say something, I better not open my trap.”

There no alternative to riding this train.
My boss has takes a limo, and he’ll still complain.

There stood an old woman, too proud to ask for a seat.A
young lady a cursing, sitting there at her feet.

And here stood old Morton, upon his commute.
While the man up against him, continued to toot!

“Oh Damn it,” thought Morton, “I’ll repeat this tonight.
”“I wish that this guy, had fewer beans with his bite!”

One more stop ‘til my exit, he thought with much glee.
He'd hoped to avoid this with a Master’s degree.

This is how Morton, begins every morning,
No one told him of this, it came without warning.



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