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Arty from the Tea Party

With apologies to Dr. Seuss

On the far-away land where all were egg white
Arty from the Tea Party was King of the Right
A Lilly White land, they had guns but no taxes
.Stay off Arty’s Lawn. That’s where he relaxes.
The folks of this land had all they would need.
Coulter and Fox News, the New York Post to read.

They did… until voters, decided to elect
,A man whose Pedigree they thought was suspect
“Prove he belongs here” said Artie one day.
“It says here Hawaii, that’s a land faraway.
With this sign in his hands, he took to the mall
It said “Dis Guys a feriner, he don’t tawk wit no drawl.”
“All Tea Party member were born here you see.
There’s O’Reilly, McTavish, Kowalski and me.
We didn’t vote for this man, I know he’s an alien
He’s a Muslim, A Jew, maybe even Episcopalian.

So Artie from the Tea Party, knew who’s fault was his lot
He blamed him for health care, taxes and his basement’s dry rot
Now Arty’s an expert on the books of the Bible
So if he calls you a sinner it’s truly not libel.
‘So if we allow men to marry,” Arty had stated
“would cause this nation’s values to be more desecrated.
”He is an expert on this institution.
Three times he’s been married, three times dissolution.

So Arty decided this man had to be beaten
“I’ll be your next leader.” stated this cretin
But soon that great Artie, that delusional one.
was ranting and raving, cause someone else won.
And the Citizens breathed a sigh of relief
Cause Arty from the Tea Party was not Commander-in Chief.
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