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Impeach the President.

The New York Post
January 25, 2011
BY: Muck Racker

It started out as a story on Glen Beck's show on Fox. "It's time that we patriots, exercised our strength. The Constitution should be strictly construed. This is precisely what our forefathers had in mind when the used the term 'misdemeanors.'"

A few days later, Rush Limbaugh expanded on the story, "My friends. the power given to me from God tells me that by the end of 2011, the President will be John Boehner. Never before has there been such a corrupt Administration. A President who covers up his wife's involvement in a crime and a Vice President who covers up his complicity in a murder. I have it on good authority that the House will act quickly to impeach first Biden and then Obama. This will leave the Country, finally, in the capable hands of President John Boehner."

The speculation was laughed at by Keith Olberrman in his penultimate broadcast on MSNBC. "For tonights broadcast, I will officially name Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh in a dead tie for the all time 'worst persons in the world.' They have called for the impeachment of both the President and The Vice President, for issues that are not only not impeachable, their not crimes or infractions. Rush, Glen when will you learn, the people elect the President. Not you!" The next day Olberrman was fired. It is widely speculated that his dismissal is as a result of his cavalier attitude towards this national crisis.

Then suddenly the issue started to get some serious support on the floor of the House. Representative Michele Bachman, Republican from Minnesota, introduced a bill for the joint impeachment on President Obama and Vice President Biden.

In a special broadcast of the Sean Hannity show, Rep. Bachman, said, "America has lost it's respect around the world. How long could Vice President Biden cover up his involvement in murder of Lana Clarkson by Phil Spector. I have this picture of the three of them, together, shortly before the murder, signed by the Vice President with the salutation, 'Baby, it's you.' Now, I ask you Sean, what else could that possibly mean, then some sick threat to this poor unfortunate woman?"

Another guest of the show, Ann Coulter, then revealed the evidence against the President. "Sean, we have it on good authority that the First Lady, violently removed a tag from a Mattress in the Lincoln Bedroom. Furthermore, she told the President about this misdemeanor who just laughed it off. Liberals always show a lack of respect for our laws."

It is unknown at this time if the President is rewriting the State of the Union to address these serious allegations.



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