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Norton Hears the who

Apologies to Dr. Seuss

On a hot day in June, from Above Garden came a Tune,
The Arena was cool, The sewer had stool,
He was sloshing.....fixing the sewer’s great clogs,
Was Norton the Sewer Worker Prodding Through all the Bogs.
So Norton stopped plunging, he heard a loud sound.
"That’s funny," said Norton, "I’m deep underground"
Then he heard Guitars blast, as loud as all thunder,
As if a Rock and Roll Band had joined him down under.

"I can’t stand it." cried Norton. "This is not part of the Job.
The advertisement didn’t mention this, they just wanted a slob!"

Then he heard a loud crash, the drums caused a cave in!
"Ralphie Boy," cried Norton, "I may never get out,
arrange for the Raccoons to help me breakout.
This music it’s rotten. It’s no way to go.
The Who up above, me drowning below!
It’s their Generation their talking about,
it’s so loud I’m afraid I will never get out."

"I’m just some poor sewer worker, all dripping in crap
I know that there’s an exit, I know that there’s a trap.
I won’t see Trixie or Ralph again I’m afraid
Something smells rotten down here, I should have Brought some glade.”

Crash went the symbols and Daltry let out a yelp.
He was glad he wasn’t Tommy. He could at least yell for help!
But who would hear Norton, it didn’t compute.
Nobody knew where he was, he was merely a Substitute!
Trixie told me, thought Norton, not to work tonight.
I should have listened he thought, and I shouldn’t have worn white!
I know Ralph will save me, The Raccoons will help him,
but it would have been better had my best friend been slim!

Then suddenly as the cold did make Norton shiver.
He wondered if The Who, would play Swanee River
And just as he thought that his future was clear,
He heard a voice, and it was quite near

Leading the International Loyal order of Raccoons
Was Ralph the Bus Driver, singing Who tunes
The Norton said, “Ralph can I make a suggestion,
The Who will not be the answer to the $64,000 question.”

And just as they entered they went sloshing on through,
To join Trixie and Alice, upstairs watching The Who



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