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The House is a Louse

We are gajillions in debt...
From Congressional misuse,
So I’ll tell you the story,
And I won’t think you obtuse...
about an Elephant and a donkey...
and a house with a dome...
that, oddly enough,
these creatures call home.
But that comes later
In my rhythmic tome.

On the River that forms
At the Anacostia Mouth,
a city was formed...
just north of the south.

It's a City that's called home
To shirts that are stuffed...
Some on the right and some on the left
Should be taken and cuffed,

About marriage and bridges,
They feel they should dabble...
But to a frustrated nation
It’s all Psychobabble.

So on the River Potomac
at the mouths
of two roaring rivers,
Anacostia and Connogochegue...
Are the nation’s lawgivers...

Those who live in this City
Who call this place home,
Can’t even vote
For the occupants of the Dome,

A beautiful city
That blossoms and blooms...
But when Asses meet Pachyderms
The result is pure gloom

Here the men and the women,
Who work in this house,
Are very concerned,
That we have the right spouse,

And in the old house
They know that it’s best
For a woman to mother,
A child whose dad
Is also his brother.

So we must remember
When we elect these strange creatures,
That their job description
Is morality preachers.

They meet in the house...
With no money to spare...
giving breaks to big oil...
cause they truly care

So where is the spare money?
Surely we should know
It’s’ taken from the old and the schools,
But you get what you pay for
When trusting Elephants and Mules



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