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Palin the Queen of the Right

The Presidential Campaign songs are starting to get airplay. To the Tune of Lydia the Tattoo Lady, here is Palin The Queen of the Right.

Oh Palin, Oh Palin
Now have you met Palin
Palin the Queen of the Right
Oh the red-necks so adore her
but they wish the Press would ignore her

Oh Palin, Oh Palin
Now have you met Palin
Palin the queen of the right
From her home can be seen the former USSR
With the Pipeline she wants, she can fill up her car
She thinks that Russia is still ruled by the Tsar
Oh you can learn a lot from Palin

There's a Polar Bear walking over the Tundra
Hes endangered so don't shoot him and blunder
She would change that is she could have her way
And also tell everyone how to pray
She has her own view of the world from a long time gone
That man lived side by side with the Masterdon
And she won't approve sex if a condoms on

Oh Palin, Oh Palin, now have you met Palin
Palin the queen of them all
She approves of the Bush Doctrine, though it's never been read
The names of Court cases have clear left her head
And from the air she can shoot a Wolf til its dead!
You can learn a lot from Palin!

Palin, oh Palin, have you met Palin, the queen of the right!
She once even suggested the banning a book,
The Librarian countered with a quizzical look.
So then the old girl knew how little it took,
For she was fired then by Palin



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