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Frieda and Freddie, her everyday Steady

In the Fair Village of Frumpsh
Along the mighty Kabunsh
Lived that Friendly Fish Freddie
And Frieda his steady

The Village had youth
Not like its neighbor Formooth.
But Frumpsh was alive
For life it did strive

And Frieda and Freddie
Her everyday steady
Would go dancin’ and playin’
And rarely would stay in`

For what caught Frieda’s eye
Was young Freddie way spry
He could run day and night
He was quite a sight

One day came a stranger
Who spoke of the manger
“I’m the right Reverend Snark.
Here to deliver you from the dark.”

The Reverend had boxes and cables
That he placed upon tables
It will help you spread news
Gossip, kibitz and schmooze.

Above Freddie’s head was a spark
Caused by the right Reverend Snark
He’d give up the dancing
Running and his prancing
He’d sell his Hi-Fi
And bring in Wi-Fi

So soon Day and Night
Freddie was no where in sight
He was there with his Box
He was now a fat Lox

And the news that he spread
Came out of his head
There was no truth to the fables
That came from his cables
And what of Frieda his Steady
She bought a new Teddy
She tried to show it to Freddie
But he’d seen it already

While surfing the cable
He saw it on Mabel
Now Frieda said, “Freddie,
I’ve had it already.”

“You sit there day and night
You are a frightful sight
You keep spreading a tale
And you look like a Whale”

“Dear Frieda,” he said
As he gobbled more bread
I’m no longer a jogger
I ‘m now just a blogger”

So Frieda left Freddie
She left him the Teddy
To wipe off his chin
That once was so thin.



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