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Gonna Run

The Republicans were so pleased with their new campaign strategy, of having their candidates sing together, released a single track by the hit duo, :Sarah and Michelle," called "Gonna Run" With apologies to the great Bruce Springsteen:

In the days of stress out on Wall Street, we’re the Republican’s first team
At night we retire to our mansions and the Liberals all scream
Quoting the Tea Party line
No Medicaid, Mexicans, Gay Marriages or any other Liberal Chime.
Sarah our first job will be dissolving Freddie Mac
Before we unpack, so let’s recap
We gotta brainwash all the young
Cause Girls like us, this is why we’re gonna run

Michelle, we’re gonna win, we’re gonna condescend
I agree with your decisions
We will get our kids to sing Battle hymns
And lower the wealth’s tax with our revisions
Together we could change the map
Blue states we will drop, that’s our plan of attack
If you run with me, that will transpire
Cause Michelle, I’m just a Washington outsider
With true Libertarian ideals
Cause Girls like us, this is why we’re gonna run

Beyond the White House, Liberals drone we’re spending with a credit card
But when we get elected, they’ll either see things clearer
That nobody gets a green card
We’ll arrest Richard Clarke, if he makes any remark
Left wing names on a new enemies list
Let’s talk about the good times like the McCarthy era, isn’t it great to reminisce?

The Tea Party fills our future cabinet, HUAC we will revive
Liberals have your fun tonight, cause soon we will preside.
Together Sarah we’ll end left wing madness
We’ll find oil at the North Pole
Someday friend, I see it now, we’ll drill in outer space
When we are through, each family will own a submachine gun
But till then, girls like us, this is why we’re gonna run.



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