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The Chosen People, Chapter Two. Gods Will

CHAPTER II- God’s Will

The Jewish vote typically turns out in very large percentages. But 2012 was “the perfect storm.”

Jews had typically voted Democratic, but President Obama’s support of Israel was tepid at best. Romney, whose opinions often depended on the make up of his audience gave a pro Israel speech at Yeshiva University on October 30, 2014.

There had also been two, very amateurish, explosive devices discovered in voting booths in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn and Palm Springs, Florida. The devices were defused and there were no injuries, There weren’t meant to be.

The bombs were placed there by a militant Michigan militia, who gave strong financial support to Michelle Bachmann. The sole intention of the devices was that they be found, prior to the commencement of voting so the voters of Jewish districts would be scared away. It worked.

New York City had its lowest percentage turnout in history. That combined with upstate typically being more conservative gave New York to Romney with 42% of the vote.

In Florida Obama only got 22 %, Romney 50% and Bachmann 28%.

The results started pouring in from ‘middle America,” Bachmann was carrying many states, It was apparent that nobody would get the required 270 Electoral votes.

In her speech that night, Bachmann vowed to “fight on,” and that she would occupy the White House in January. “The result’s were God’s Will.”

Harvey was getting concerned. The day after election day, a very mysterious, but thoroughly likeable man with a Yiddish accent walked into Harvey’s Law office in Syosset, New York, looking to write a will.

God had heard enough. All he ever heard was “God’s will.” He decided that it was finally time that he actually wrote a will.

How would he go about such a venture? There was a lot that he wasn’t sure about. He wasn’t really a citizen of any one country. Where would he go? He first thought about Israel. Then he realized all the controversy that this would cause. He remembered that he had once said that “The Jews were the chosen people.” He thought that it was time that he stopped choosing them.

He had just come into a lot of money. He sold his business and residence to a large conglomerate. He wanted to know how to protect his assets.

Although Harvey knew that he didn’t have testamentary capacity, there was something charming about this little man, claiming to be God. The man was clearly intelligent,

Harvey decided to do a normal client interview.

“ I first like to draw a family tree. Do you have any children?” Harvey asked with great excitement about the pending answer.

“I have one son.”

“Would you like him to be the executor.”

“Why, he never calls. He never writes.”

“Let’s skip over that for the time being, What are your assets?”

“ I have an ark, two tablets a grail, and a couple of billion from the sale of heaven and earth, safely deposited in the Cayman Islands.”

“Do you work? “

“A long time ago. It only lasted six days.”

“Let’s get back to this executor. Is there anyone else that you would consider.”

“ Yes, my sister. The boy’s aunt. We call he Auntie Christ.”



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