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In the movie "Tombstone," Doc Holiday says, "my hypocrisy only goes so far." Well it seems that for most people, we don't know how far it goes.

We are all hypocrites. Life and politics dictate this. Jefferson wanted to abolish slavery, but once his efforts failed, did he release his slaves? No, he didn't even release them in his will. In World War II we fought the Germans, but gladly accepted their scientists, when it was beneficial to our space program.

The record keeping of the Nazis would have been impossible without the help of IBM. The Luftwaffe's efficiency was due in part to BMW. Yet immediately after WWII, when universal translators were needed for the Nuremberg trials, who did the allies turn to? IBM. How many of us drive BMW's or for that matter, Fords?

As a Democrat, I've looked with disdain at Republican sexual transgressions, but minimized those of Clinton and the Kennedys. Which brings to mind Ted Kennedy. How many of us would have or did vote for Ted Kennedy? In my only opportunity, the 1980 NY Primary, I did. But, let's face it, had he been someone else, he might have been in prison.

Me, and other Democrats, often speak about the Bush Pedigree, which had Nazi sympathizers. Well folks, so was Joe Kennedy.

Joe Paterno, was an iconic figure in sports. For Penn State to fire him, and not let him quit with dignity, must mean that his hypocrisy, crossed the line. I'm certain that we haven't heard the last of his involvement.


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Nov. 13th, 2011 04:12 pm (UTC)
Hypocrisy vs Pragmatism...
If Hypocrisy were a condition to be avoided at all possible costs, very little would ever get done in this world. If adhering strictly to ones preconceived notions and beliefs were the only criteria of action, where would we be?
There comes a time in the real world when rational people have to sacrifice at least certain aspects of their ideals in the interest of progress; there are very few unchangeable absolutes in the universe.
However, as we have seen over and over again, there are some who abuse the privilege and push the limits of reasonable compromise past acceptable tolerances.
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