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Jesus & Tiffany, Heather & Moses


When we last left our heroes, they were contemplating leaving the bar with Heather and Tiffany to go back to Heather’s Place.

Will Moses be unfaithful to his wife? If so will this cause more years of wandering? While he’s gone will the Hebrews build a statue of a golden Shiska?

Will Jesus be unfaithful to Mary Magdalen? Can one be unfaithful to somebody in Mary Magdalen’s profession?

Heather: We’ll have to take my car, I live in Ft. Lee, New Jersey.

Moses: That’s not necessary let me show you a trick.

With that Moses lifted his staph and divided the Hudson River.

Tiffany: Wow, are you like some sort of Magician?

Jesus: Oh, the sin of Hubris. You can take the low road. I will just walk on the water.

This discussion went on for some time more, the girls gave them their address and said that they’d meet them at their home in a hi-rise apartment on the Palisades. It turned out that because it was a Friday night Moses couldn’t ride in the car anyway.

Sometime later that evening they arrive at Heather’s apartment building at the Palisades. She lives on the 29th Floor. Moses declares, "This is the Sabbath, I will keep it holy, I will not take an elevator. I’m also about 2300 years old, I’ll be damned , oops sorry, I not walking 28 floors."

Jesus: Well, I promised the girls. Anyway I understand that they have Myrrh and Frankincense.

Moses: What is that stuff?

Jesus: Nobody knows!

Jesus arrives on the 29th Floor. Tiffany leaves. She is hurt that Moses didn’t join them. Heather and Jesus start getting amorous. Off come the sandals, off comes the robe!

Heather: Oh my God!

Jesus: What is Dad here?

Heather: No, I just never realized that you were Jewish!



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