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Occupying Sesame Street

Upon the Street, that seemed so sweet
The climate was changing attitudes were rearranging.
When the muppets, all non indiscrete, decided to occupy Sesame Street.
It started with Cookie Monster, who when smacking his lips
started his morning counting his chips.
He let out a roar after counting the stacks
4 out of 100 taken for the Sesame Street Tax.
He contacted Grover,
said, “Hey come on over.
My head I am scratching
with this plan I am hatching.
I won’t be a Stooge
The Cookie Tax is huge.
Please bring me a treat
for we will occupy of Sesame Street
So Grover came over
and brought some more friends
Bert and Ernie arrived in a Mercedes Benz
Big Bird stood outside
Of the Monster’s abode
For fear he’d collide
With the Monster’s commode.
And sitting by himself, alone on the couch
atop the plastic slipcovers, was Oscar the Grouch
Then suddenly arriving was Gladys the Cow
she arrived with a couple, denied their wedding vow .
For in walked Miss Piggy, all quite agog
for she was escorted by Kermit the Frog.
It appears that a law, which was carefully hidden
made marriage between a toad and a sow forever forbidden.
So each had their protest, each had their sign.
“Repeal the Cookie Tax.” “Let Frogs marry swine.”
But the ruler then spoke, but first finished his last cookie
“Three times I’ve been married, and often had nookie.
So that’s the way it should be,
that’s the way it’s been done
Blonde women all three,
I won’t get another, ‘til I tire of one.’
So the protest was over,
Jail time for muppets
for the leader would only accept
his own hand puppets.



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