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Both the Right and Left blame President Obama for Skeet being placed on the Endangered Species List.

In a rare showing of agreement both the Right and the Left, President Obama has been accused of being the primary cause of the recent classification by The International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) of the Skeet as an endangered species list. “The President’s brazen disregard for this magnificent creature, has nearly caused its extinction,” said Fox News air personality Bill O’Reilly, yesterday on his program.

Right Wing religious leaders have joined in with the “on-air” personalities, “These are highly moral creatures. Are you aware that Skeet are monogamous and mate for life. There is no evidence of any deviant behavior among Skeet. Have you ever heard of a Homosexual Skeet?” asked the Reverend Pat Robertson, rhetorically. “Now this President, by disturbing the natural environment of the Skeet, and shooting it for his own enjoyment, has caused it to be reclassified to endangered status.”

In an unusual show of unity, the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a statement condemning the President’s actions. “PETA is opposed to any form of cruelty to animals, regardless of whether those animals are real or inanimate.” It was later learned that PETA, famous for its advertisements staring nude celebrities, will do a new series of spots in support of the Skeet. Already lined up to pose in these advertisements are Ed Asner and Mary Tyler Moore.

The controversy arose, when the President recently admitted that he liked to shoot Skeet at Camp David. The statement was made to support the President’s assertion that he had no intention of banning all weapons.

The ultimate condemnation of the President came from the National Rifle Association, who issued a short statement. “We are in favor of using guns to kill people, but to use this weapon of peace to destroy a fake species, is barbaric.”



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