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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

The date: January 20, 2001
The Place: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.
The Agenda: An outline for the next eight years

George: Laura, did you remember to get all the keys from the Clintons?

Laura:  I think so, maybe we should change the locks anyhow.

George:  I'll have Condi do it in the morning, after all she's the National Security director.

What did Bill say about those buttons on the night table?

Laura: Something about being very careful and staying away from the red button.

George:  Why, what's the red button?

Laura:  I don't know, I tried to ask Hillary, but she said that she was never allowed into the bedroom.

George: Oh, I don't like that woman.  Did you notice how she tried to charge us for the extra oil in the tank.

Laura:  You showed them.  By the way when is Dick arranging for Enron to deliver that free oil that they promised?

George:  We'll have enough for the winter.  After that we plan on attacking Iraq.  That way we'll have an endless supply.   Donald claims that he's got a foolproof plan.

Laura: Did I hear you say that you're having company tomorrow?

George: Just Dick, Donald and Karl,

Laura: I suppose that I have to cook?

George:  We'll get take out.   Just have plenty of beer.  We're playing cards.  The loser gets to tell Colin that he's got to convince the world that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

Laura:  George,  I miss Crawford already, when can we go home?

George: Don't worry.  We'll be home more than we'll be here.

Laura: Oh, thank you George.  Look at the time it's 9:00 O'clock, time for bed.  Take that red phone off the hook so we won't be disturbed.




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