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Benny and the Chats

My friend Benny has seen
places I’ve never been
traveling the world near and far.
With his friend Dave
he lived in a cave
traveled across Europe in a car
Has seen the northern lights
and the southern sights
surfed Oceania chased by a shark
But there is one place
He could never embrace
Until one day alone in the dark
Benny did not realize that this adventure
Was such a risky venture
when he entered the web that day
Lo and behold, there upon his PC
He found other places that he didn’t see
Like Twitter, and Facebook and candy crush to play
On Facebook he found that young lady, who once broke his heart
when she denied him, his wish in the back of the Dodge Dart.’
He thought of are often, his heart all a flitter.
He was certain that she got over her rage,
so he decided to look at her Facebook page.
His legs were a shaking his heart went a pitter.
What he saw on page was that she was in rage
certainly this should have mellowed with age.
It  stated  right there,  on her status report
A message so clear, no need to retort.
It said “If any of you speak to that creep Benny
tell him I hope that he that he never gets any!!!”
Now it been twenty years
So he shed no tears.
And opened a Twitter  Account
When asked for “hashtag”
He thought it said “washrag.”
To no joy will this amount
First to the bathroom
Then on to a chatroom
This adventure was truly Ho Um
But now let’s find a place
Where people have grace
Before I exited dot com.
Many rooms were for choosing
Avoid the ones for the losing
They’ll see who’s the smartest tonight
Rooms for teens, and people with a cats.
Rooms for nude people, and those who wear spats
Rooms for those on the left and  those on the right
Suddenly he saw it
The place, he’d explore it
After all, he’s an erudite man.
So his mouse did uncover
The site he did uncover
In a room called “for the Chat fan”
As he entered this site
And thought “what a night’
I will finally be where it is all at
For here I will explore
A place that I no longer ignore
The world of internet chat.
But upon entering this site
He had quite a freight
What had become of his native tongue
Four became for, just as Too became to.
And their became there, when knew became new
And he could not fathom what was brang and brung.
This strange little world people would date those that never met
watch a movie together, one in Brooklyn, one in Tibet.
Life filled with lovers that you’ll never meet.
Dinner with friends on the same street.
New friends will come, and his next trip abroad
start with chat rooms will never again be so bored.



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