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Chapter Five

Hollywood Protests

In an effort to control Movie content Trump Purchases Trump Studios. Hollywood also attempted to change their image, but with disastrous results, with disastrous results.   On June 4, 2011, Trump Studios Announced that it was about to commence a production a biopic on the life of GOD.

They intended to have Mel Gibson direct the picture, but a Trump Executive, hired the wrong Mel.     Having already spent close to $100,000,000.00 in preproduction, Universal decided to go ahead with this epic, directed by Mel Brooks.

Books said in a press release “I have no intention of embarrassing Trump.  The Movie will be an epic, because I will play God. After all who else is old enough? It’s going to be done through the eyes of God’s interviewer, who will be played by Carl (Reiner). We will find out if the Earth was really created in six days, or did God take that rumored vacation to The Fontainebleau in Miami Beach after the fifth day?   We will see God advising Noah about building an Ark, ‘No, No use the good glue. That crazy stuff.’ We will see God dancing at Jesus’s Bar Mitzvah. "

The original thoughts of was to have Mel Gibson write and direct the film. But rumor has it that, Trump, not fully understanding the ways of Hollywood, was tricked into mistakenly hiring Brooks

When reached for comment, Gibson said, “We had an oral contract. This is clearly not the Mel that he wanted. My Lawyers are meeting with Mr. Trump’ Lawyers to review the situation, and to check if there is any way that we can correct this egregious error. I was expecting to make piece full of floods, famine, war and pestilence, then I see the script. He’s got God dancing something called the Hora at a Jewish wedding. Everyone knows that the Jews had nothing to do with God.

When reached for comment, Brooks said, “I’m not too worried. I’m the only one old enough to have known God as a boy. I spoke to him, and this is what he wants.”

The film starring Sid Caesar as Methuselah, Gene Wilder as Noah, Nathan Lane as Onan, Matthew Broderick as Jesus and featuring Cloris Leachman as God’s sister, “Auntie Christ," was a blockbuster overseas, but bombed in the USA, except in New York City.



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