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Part 2


Chapter Nine

The Great Republican Compromise of 2015

In late 2015, in a rare gesture of compromise, Republican Congressman Daniel Issa proposed “The GOP are the Latinos Best Friend, Omnibus Legislation.”     In this surprise gesture, the Republican leaders of the House of Representatives agreed to be more open to the issue of permanent residency for undocumented aliens, conditioned that the applicants leave the country and promise never to return.   

Representative Issa speaking for the Republican Caucus announced the compromise on December 24, 2015, “In the spirit of the season, we are proposing what we feel is a fair compromise.”

“For today and tomorrow, in the spirit of Christmas, there will be a moratorium on deportation of illegal immigrants, unless they are caught.  Starting on December 26, 2015 at 12:01 AM, anybody who is here illegally may stay, as long as they first leave and never come back.”

         Donald Trump, who at that time was developing seemingly insurmountable lead over the other 204 other candidates running for the Republican nomination for President, embraced the legislation.   “My opponents use words like Xenophobic to describe me.  I am realistic and fair, and until today I haven’t heard a proposal that was equally ‘realistic and fair.’”  At that moment Trump cut the press conference off, and said any questions may be asked of him at his campaign office, at The Trump Castle, later that day, when he will be elsewhere.

Issa, who also refused to answer any questions, presented in an oral or written format, stated that there will be “no compromise on the issue of ‘anchor babies.’  All children of undocumented aliens will be allowed to remain up to and including the day that they are born.  However, they must learn that American citizenship is not without obligation.   They may only be allowed to stay if by the date of their birth they have satisfied the following four conditions: 1) They can prove that they’ve had at least 24 months of gainful, tax paying employment in the USA; 2) They complete the written application; 3) The can speak and read English; 4) They have already left the country.  No Applications will be reviewed from unborn undocumented aliens who are still here.”

“Once they are born they will have no greater rights than their parents.”

The legislation passed the House of Representatives with little opposition.  In the Senate, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas added an amendment to the legislation. “Any person who at any time has ever entered the United States without proper documentation, will forever forfeit the rights of citizenship.”

This legislation was passed by the Senate with enough votes to override the expected Presidential veto by President Obama.  It was then sent back to the House where the Amended bill passed.

The Republicans had another hurdle, could this legislation pass the Supreme Court.

In a secret meeting, aired on Fox News, the Republican leadership revealed its plans to change the court.   The parties present were Former Governor Rick Perry of Texas, Speaker of the House John Boehner, former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, former representative Michelle Bachman of Minnesota and Sean Hannity, and, of course, Donald Trump. 

So on December 27, 2015, the nefarious plan was revealed on live television.



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