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60 years on

The word for one of 60 years Is so terribly ironic.
Along with age, come many fears, That may cause one to become laconic.
Although the spelling of this word makes it sound so utterly salacious
With two feet planted on the ground, I am clearly not that audacious.
Is there any special wisdom to impart upon becoming a sexagenarian?
Or am I content to play the part of a grouchy old contrarian?
No I am not quiet, shy or timid if you might
Someone once said “he’s a riot, and not one to avoid a fight.”
And although that one was fooled, some others knew it was just a fallacy.
Now I have been well schooled, I've used my mouth so agilely.
Although it may be long away before I reach my last reward
“wise and strong,” I hope that they say, not call me “phony” nor a “fraud.”
I’d like to leave them with some laugh from a tale that I narrate.
Maybe then they would forget a gaffe caused when I fail to orchestrate.
Will they say that I was so inclined to speak out and never was a slouch?
And not tell a soul that every time I spoke, I lay reclined upon my couch
I wonder if the pithy statements of a man of 60 are worth more when he's done
That being said, what have I learned from birth until gravestone.
That sixty years went far too fast I think. Where has a lifetime gone?
I always thought that it would longer last, and I'd I have more time to carry on.
Now as I approach the fourth quarter of my time,
I am not beyond reproach, although not for any crime.
If we conclude inning six I guess I know the score
I am now out of tricks, and the game is tied at four.
There's lots of time to win this one, I’ve three more times at the plate
So I will still have some fun, before it gets too late
I've lived my live that some would say “was very kind and caring”
But I alone know what I pay for never being daring.
Now all of you that are my friends can I improve my situation?
Or will I be, when my time ends, just full of sadness and frustration?
So let’s finish with a question mark, and ask “how can I improve my plight.”
Frankly I am in the dark, but I will try to do what is right.



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