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The check boarder

A little more that four years ago this reporter informed you about our neighbors to the north, Canada, preparing herself for a potential deluge of undocumented immigrants, led by American Liberals, Who were crossing over the northern boarder of the United States, convinced of a Mitt Romney victory over President Barack Obama. http://www.theglobaledition.com/canada-beefing-up-border-patrol-in-event-romney-wins-presidential-election/ Shortly after publication of that article, the illegal immigration eased when it became evident that President Obama would be reelected.

The Canadian government realized that they had had a narrow escape. “I hear that they hug trees, said Saskatchewan “Canada first” spokesman Rod Boynton, “Can you imagine the obstacles that our lumberjacks would encounter due to these peculiar people?”

In 2013, the chant of “tres facile,” (very easy) echoed throughout the province of Quebec. This was the chant of a rapidly growing Canadian nationalist movement, who demanded that the Canadian Parliament pass the necessary legislation needed so a wall could be built across the 5,525 mile, United States/Canada border.

In November 2013, running solely on the immigration fear, surprise candidate, John Claude San Laurant, from the newly formed “Tres Facile,” party won an overwhelming victory to gain a seat in Parliament. St. Laurant, proposed legislation to build the wall and have America's pay for the construction and upkeep.

The funding of the wall is still not been solved. President elect Donald Trump threatened on twitter “I will kick some Canadian Ass, if they ask me to pay.”

The Canadian Constitution which was modeled upon the National Hockey League rule book, mandates that any boarded separation, must be made of “fiberglass, which will not be less that 40” high and no higher than 48” from the ice surface.” The last part forced the Canadians to flood and freeze the entire distance.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, immediately required all of their employees to take skating lessons. This was problematical, because they found that they could lead a horse to the border, but they couldn't make him skate. In order to resolve this problem they decided tom hire retired National Hockey League players to guard the borders. This worked until retired Philadelphia Flyer player Dave Schultz trued to fight the entire Minnesota Stars team as their bus was about to cross the border for a game with the Winnipeg Jets.

Schultz who was known as an “enforcer” when he played believed that the Minnesota team was trying to sneak some Liberals over the border. He requested that they each prove that they were indeed professional Hockey Players, by removing their teeth. When 2 players refused he checked the bus into the border.

Schultz was arrested and convicted of boarding and unsportsmanlike like patrol. He is now serving 2 minutes in a Winnipeg jail.



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