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Enov is Enough-

Today’s NY Times, proved beyond reasonable doubt that the President has worked directly with Putin in treasonous acts against out country. I don’t believe that anybody can read the transcript of their latest telephone conversation and conclude otherwise. Here is that Transcript

Putin: Mr. President, your aides will be meeting with my aides. It is very important that you know the names of my aides.

Trump:: Yes I agree

Putin: Now, my Prime Minister is Notenov. The US Ambassador is Goodenov and the Press Secretary is Badenov.

Trump: I know what you mean, I haven’t always been satisfied with my cabinet either. So what are their names?

Putin: I'm telling you. Prime Minister is Notenov as Prime Minister. The US Ambassador is Goodenov and the Press Secretary is Badenov--

Trump: You like these guys??

Putin: Yes.

Trump: Well, then why do you feel that the Prime Minister is Not enough?
Putin: Huh?

Trump: Let me make it easier. What is the Prime Minister’s name?

Putin: He’s Notenov.

Trump: The Prime Minister.

Putin: Notenov.

Trump: I know that the Prime Minister is Not Enough, but what is his name.

Putin: The Prime Minister in Notenov.

Trump: Well, that is your problem, I just want to know his name?

Putin: I'm telling you. The Prime Minister in Notenov.

Trump: Let me make this simpler why do you think that the Prime Minister is Not Enough?

Putin: That's the man's name.

Trump: That's Not enough’s name?

Putin: Yes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trump: Some of my aides are complaining that they are under paid When you pay off the Prime Minister every month, is the check made out for enough?

Putin: It’s Notenov.

Trump: I sometimes think that it is Not enough too?

Putin: Yes.

Trump: So it is for Not enough?

Putin: Why shouldn't it be? Sometimes we try to make it out to his wife.

Trump: Does his wife think that it is enough?

Putin: No but what wife does?

Trump: Think that it is for Notenov?

Putin: Absolutely.

Trump: Well, that is Good enough for me. But I still want to know what the Prime Minister’s Name is?

Putin: Oh, no, no. That is Badenov. Our US Ambassador is Goodenov.

Trump: I'm not asking you if the US Ambassador is good enough or bad enough.

Putin: The Prime Minister is Notenov's !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trump: Does Russia have a Cabinet?

Putin: Oh, absolutely.

Trump: The Secretary of the Treasury?

Putin:: Hesenuov.

Trump: That is not what I asked, I asked you, would you be Good enough to tell me the name of the Secretary of the Treasury.

Putin: And I told you, He’s not Goodenov.

Trump: No you told me He’s enough, now tell me his name, not if he is Good enough or Bad enough.

Putin: The US Ambassador is Goodenov and my Press Secretary is Badenov.

Trump: I wasn’t talking about them. would you be Good enough to tell me the name of the Secretary of the Treasury?

Putin: How can I be Goodenov?

Trump: Stop! Enough!

Putin: Oh, he’s our minister of propaganda!

Trump: Wait a minute. You got a Vice President in Russia?

Putin: Wouldn't this be a fine Country without a Vice President

Trump: Tell me the Vice President’s name.

Putin: Fairenov.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trump: Now, when if I defect. Since I have the experience I could be the Speaker of the House. You die and we kick out Fairenov, because he isn’t Good enough--I become President .

Putin: Now, that's the first thing you've said right.


Putin: Don't get excited. Take it easy.

Trump: I am The President, I fire Badenov because he isn’t Good enough. I indict Notenov because he isn’t Fair Enough.

Putin: Yeah, it could be.

Trump: Since I am President of Both The US and Russia I end this whole thing and say “Enough is Enough”

Putin: What is that you just said?

Trump: Enough is Enough!

Putin: Oh that is The Majority Leader.



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