jellomarx (jellomarx) wrote,

Are You Folks Blind?

Ok you few trumpalopogisses left- how do you justify voting for a man who has turned his back on his own military, gassed citizens in peaceful and lawful protest for a photo op. Clearly sought help from foreign nations to investigate an opponent all the time his daughter was doing the same but 1`0X more than te opponents sun. who has call Nazis "good people." has denied client change. During a pandemic wasted time that have cost 60,000 lives, and then in opposition to those who know purposely put people at risk . Who has refused to talk the many member s of the press while basically anointing Fox news as State Television. Has insulted and demeaned other reporters because the question stumped him. Has mocked the handicapped. has disrespected the military/. Has made bigoted comments and stupid comments. ARE YOU FOLKS BLIND?????
Tags: donald trump. joseph biden

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