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Does The Constitution protect the President's "Right to Lie ?

n a joint press conference this morning, President Trump and Attorney General Barr announced that a Special Prosecutor has been named by the Attorney General to investigate and prosecute Twitter for their in denying The President and others, in one of the most fundamental right man has. “The right to Lie.” When pointed out that the “Right to Lie” does not appear in the Constitution, Mr. Barr quickly pointed out that rights are “as fundamental as the right to breath.” And has been inferred in the Fifth, Fourteenth and Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.
“From the first that a child can talk, with a full face of chocolate, he will blame the same dog who will soon eat his homework. for devouring the fudge cake. Do you your son to actually read “The Prophet.” Because that is what he will have to do when he no longer can cheat off his friends. Does a wife want to hear where he husband actually been?
Actor. comedian, Jon Lovitz was introduced as the Special Prosecutor. Mr. Lovech’s resume was very impressive. As a young lawyer he was second seat next to Clarence Darrow, in full costume as a ape in the Monkey Trial. Most recently it was he, who drove OJ’s white Bronco.
Mr. Barr did acknowledge that Mr. Lovech was not the first choice. His first choice was President Trump. We have learned that Mr. Trump considered taking the position, but backed out at the last minute because of the lack of benefits that went along with the job .
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