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George's Memoirs

George:   Laura,  since you were a Libarrian (sic), would you mind goof reading my memoirs?

Laura: Not at all dear,  but the words are Proof reading.

George:  Oh darn,  I always get that wrong.  Please don't tell the girls.

Laura:  I won't.  Now lets see.  "It was a dark and stormy night."  George you plagiarized this sentence.

George:  I didn't think anybody would notice.  Alberto just loved it, he didn't notice.

Laura: Alberto's a fool dear!  Anyway, you plagiarized from Snoopy!

George:  He is my favorite author and a great American.

Laura:  George,  it's time you knew.  Snoopy didn't really shoot down the Red Baron.

George:   Stop kidding with me.  This is like the time that you told me the was no Santa Claus.   It was just Rush Limbaugh wearing Pajamas!

Laura;  Yes you were too clever for that one.   Let's think of an alternate beginning.

George:  I do have a substitute.   How about "It was the best of times.  It was the best of times!"

Laura:  Isn't that very much like Charles Dickens?

George: Who?

Laura:    Do you have anything else?

George:  How about "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth?"

Laura:  George, that's the Bible,  you're stealing from the Lord!

George:  He spoke to me,  he said that I could use it.

Laura: Let's skip the beginning for now.  Do you have a format?

George:  I thought it would be something like this.

Laura:  George you can't make the Presidential memoirs a Pop-up book!

George: It's not only a Pop-up book.  It's interactive,  look Dick's gun really shoots at Lawyers!



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