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• Scandals Involving Trump
• 1. Russia Scandal
• A. Although the Mueller investigation did not conclude that Trump conspired with Russia, it also made it clear that Trump and his campaign knew about Russia's involvement and accepted their help in the 2016 campaign.
• B. Moscow Trump Tower (see conflicts of interest)
• C. Campaign Manager Paul Manafort colluded with Russia for help in the 2016 election.
• D. Donald Trump Jr. sought Russian help to get dirt on Hillary Clinton is 2016 election.
• E. National Security Director, Michael Flynn
• 1. Had discussions with Russia. Prior to inauguration about lift sanctions.
• 2. Lied to Pentagon regarding extent of connection with Russia. .
• 3. Took the 5th before the FBI regarding connections with Russia.
• 4. Confessed to lying to the FBI regarding contacts with Russia. before the 2016 Election.
• 5.Attorney General Barr inexplicably announced that he would drop the prosecution just days before sentencing.
Link - Ten Facts from the Mueller Report that Donald Trump Doesn't Want You to Know

• F. Campaign Committee removed portions of the Republican Platform in 2016 openly critical of Russia’s involvement of Ukraine
• G. Most recently took no action when told that Russia has offered a bounty to the Taliban for each dead American member of the military.
• 2 .Trump Foundation Scandal
• A. Made a payoff in the form of an illegal contribution to a candidate for Attorney General in Florida to have an investigation against Trump University stopped.
• Link - Trump violated the law with illegal payments from his charity - Washington Post
• B. According to the New York Times and Vanity Fair the foundation had to pay in excess of $2,000,000.00 To 8 Charities as a settlement for the “charity” having misused funds.
3. Trump University: Thousands of people were scammed out of large sums of money by the fraudulent Trump University. Although Trump repeatedly said he would never pay a dime to the people suing him, he was ultimately forced to pay $25 million to settle the lawsuits and keep it from going to trial.
• Link - Federal Court Order
4. Porn Star: Through his Attorney Michael Cohen paid off Porn Star Stormy Daniels to ensure her silence regarding ass sexual affair between the two.
5. Sexual Harassment: Besides the Access Hollywood videos, ther have been nearly 70 other incidents of misbehavior against Trump noted .
6. Trump Inauguration The Trump Inauguration committee raised $107 Million. Much of that money is still unaccounted for. Trump’s inaugural committee is being investigated for conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, wire fraud, mail fraud, disclosure violations, and straw donor violations, which enabled people who disguise their donations to the Trump inauguration. Some of those illegal donations are believed to have come from Russian businessmen.
• Link - Federal Prosecutors Subpoena Trump Inaugural Committee - New York Magazine
7. Jared Kushner Security Clearance: Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner lied on his application for security clearance by not disclosing dozens of contacts he’d had with foreign governments, including Russia. This type of omission is a felony and usually more than enough to get someone’s security clearance denied. However, National Security officials were ordered to give Kushner the clearance anyway, which is an extraordinary national security violation.
• Link - Security Officials Overruled after Rejecting Security Clearance for Jared Kushner - NBC News
8. Immigration
Policy of separating children from their parents, started in April 2018. Once separated from their parents, the Trump administration did not maintain a process for reuniting the children with their parents again.
The conditions that the children were in was so horrific that it has been likened to a concentration camp. Children left without sufficient food, water, sanitary facilities, supervision. Many died and many more were very ill.
Trump lied when he said this policy had been law for many years. The law does not mandate that kids be separated from their parents.

9. Conflicts of Interest & Emoluments- Unlike most of his predecessors Trump refused to either divest himself of his assets or put them in a blind trust. The effect of which is that he has knowledge about how any decision that he makes as President will affect him financially. There is no way to calculate how much this has affected his decisions. Some noted examples:
While running for president, Donald Trump repeatedly lied about his business dealings with Russia. He claimed at the time to have no involvement with Russia, but it has since been revealed that he was negotiating with the Russian government and Russian business interests about developing a Trump Tower in Moscow. Link: Trump Told Cohen to Lie About Moscow Tower Project - Vanity Fair
Walter Shaub Jr., the director of the US Office of Government Ethics tried to get President Trump to divest his business interests to avoid such conflicts, but Trump refused. Shaub saw so many ethics violations and conflicts of interest that he ultimately resigned in protest.
Trump has profited greatly from his presidency like no other president before him. After he became president, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort doubled its membership fees. The White House has promoted Melania’s jewelry line and Ivanka’s line of clothing. During the 2016 election, Trump made millions of dollars when he charged his campaign for use of Trump Tower, Trump’s airplane, and Trump’s restaurants.

The definition of Emoluments is a salary, fee, or profit from employment or office, the President is forbidden all emoluments. This is so the President does not get conflicted between his own interests and those of his country.
Examples of these payments range from Ivanka receiving many trademarks from China worth millions of Dollars to the Saudis often paying premium prices to stay in his hotels.
The results of his receiving such emoluments are among others his backing the word of Autocrats in Russia and Saudi Arabia over his own intelligence forces regarding Russian involvement in our elections and the Saudi involvement in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi at its consulate in Istanbul.

Government officials and businesses from many foreign countries have increasingly chosen to rent office space or stay at Trump-owned hotels since Donald Trump became president. More than 150 Trump tenants—from foreign governments to big banks—throw the president's business some $175 million a year without an accounting of who they are or how much they pay.
Since Trump, unlike previous presidents, has refused to divest himself from his business interests, he financially benefits directly from every foreign country and foreign-owned business that rents his properties. This is the worst possible type of conflict of interest for a president of the United States.
• Link - Trump's Biggest Conflict Of Interest Is Hiding In Plain Sight - Forbes
11. Ukraine: Regardless of the outcome of the Senate, That was always going to go that way. He was lucky that his humiliation was limited due to McConnell blocking witnesses, violating his oath as a juror in the trial, there was clearly a “quid -pro-quo” there.
12. Inaction over Covid 19- Clearly, he is from equip, to handle this. His inaction, his poor leadership tactics, have made the US, the worst country to handler this crisis. He continues to blame this on President Obama, saying he left no test kits- this disease did not exist at the time. What kind of test kits could he leave?
He ignored and destroyed guidelines left to him by the Obama administration.
In 2018, shortly after being told that a flu pandemic was the country’s no. 1 health security threat, Trump disbanded the National Security Council’s Global Health Security Office, which was tasked with responding to a deadly epidemic.
In Sept. 2019 Trump ended the pandemic early warning program, PREDICT, which trained scientists in other countries to identify viruses that could cause pandemics.
In early 2020, Trump repeatedly ignored warnings from the CDC and played down the seriousness of COVID-19.
January 22 - Trump said we should not be concerned about covid19 because “It’s one person coming in from China”.
Feb. 26 - He said there were only 15 Americans who had the virus and that number would go down. He also called the media focus on the virus a “Democratic hoax”.
March 26 - Over 85,000 (now 135,000) Americans were confirmed as infected with COVID-19 and more than 1000 deaths.
April 15 – Over 2000 Americans were dying per day meaning COVID-19 passed heart disease and cancer as the number one cause of death in the US. At the same time, as the world was dealing with the worst pandemic in 100 years, Trump decided to cut off US funding to the World Health Organization.
Here is a more complete timeline of Trump’s response to COVID-19.
He has experts in the field, that he is jealous of, he ignores, and like a child, does the exact opposite. And instead of these experts running the show he leaves a kiss ass (Pence) and a moron (Kushner) in charge.

13. Mental State- His actions clearly call for questioning his mental state.
Trump alternates between being a ruthless bully, who uses the office of the president to attack, smear and ridicule people on a daily basis, to a self-pitying crybaby who is constantly whining about how his political opponents, the media or the courts are treating him.
Most US presidents learn to grow a thick skin and ignore much of the criticism aimed at them, but Donald Trump is so incredibly thin-skinned that he has to attack anyone who even mildly criticizes him, whether it’s the parents of a soldier who died in service to his country, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, discussing the speed of the relief efforts, or a celebrity who makes a joke about him on TV. Trump's petty childishness seems to have no end. He frequently pounds out angry Tweets in the middle of the night over minor comments by celebrities.
________________________________________To hear Trump talk, everything he does is always the best, the most, the tallest, the smartest. He said he had the biggest election victory since Reagan (it wasn’t). He often claims his book was the biggest selling book of all time (It wasn’t even in the top 100). He constantly tweets that he has had the most successful presidency of any president, EVER.
About terrorism, “I know more about ISIS than the Generals, believe me.” He had the “largest crowd in inaugural history”. His golf course is “the best resort in the country”. “I would build a great wall – and nobody builds better walls than me, believe me.” “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created, believe me.” On the day the World Trade Center fell in 2001, Trump bragged that his Trump Tower was now the tallest building in New York.
14, Lies
Unlike most politicians, Donald Trump does not simply exaggerate, distort or mislead. He tells outright lies that are easily disproved. Here is a small sampling of some of Trump's whoppers.
• He lied about the US immigration policy for Muslims vs. Christians. Trump said US immigration policy made it easy for Muslims to enter the United States and nearly impossible for Christians to get in. Based on the known numbers of people entering the country, this statement was easily proved to be false.
• He said he saw thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey on 9/11. During a speech in 2015, Trump said, “I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering” as the World Trade Center collapsed. Trump insisted that this cheering was reported extensively on TV at the time. Yet there is no record of any news reports at that time saying this happened. The police have no records of this happening. Trump literally made the whole thing up.
• He lied about Obama releasing “vicious prisoners” from Guantanamo Bay. Trump falsely claimed that the Obama administration released 122 “vicious prisoners” from Guantanamo Bay who returned to the battlefield. Further investigation revealed that almost all of those prisoners were released by the Bush administration, not Obama.
• He lied about Mexico paying for the border wall. Trump insisted before, during and after the election that Mexico would pay for the border wall he wanted to build, despite the fact that the Mexican government said they would never pay for any wall. Shortly after becoming president, he asked Congress to appropriate taxpayer’s money for the wall and made no mention of Mexico paying for it. Trump now claims he always meant that Mexico would pay for the wall through improved trade agreements. However, even if an improvement with our trade deficit with Mexico occurred, that money doesn’t go into the treasury and it couldn’t be used to pay for the wall.
• For years, he lied about releasing his taxes. Every presidential candidate since the 1960s has voluntarily released several years of tax returns to be viewed by the public and the media. This is a good faith gesture to prove they have nothing to hide. After promising for years to release his income taxes – even saying that he would be “happy” to do so – Trump announced after the election that he would not release any of his tax returns. He clearly never intended to do so and lied about it throughout the campaign.
• Trump lied about opposing the Iraq War. Mr. Trump claims he had opposed the war in Iraq, but in 2002 he told Howard Stern that he supported an Iraq invasion. In an interview on Sept. 11, 2002, Stern asked Trump directly if he was for invading Iraq. "Yeah I guess so," Trump responded. "I wish the first time it was done correctly." There is no record of Trump ever publicly opposing the invasion of Iraq before the war started. Ironically, he now says we never should have left Iraq. We should have, according to Trump, stayed in Iraq so we could take all their oil: “And I said, take the oil when we leave. But we shouldn’t have really left.”

15. The worst may be his paranoia that climate change is a hoax.
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