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Uninvited Guests

Betty: When are they leaving, they’ve been here two weeks already?

Harvey: He’s my college roommate! What would you like me to tell him?

Betty: Tell him whatever you want. They’re not exactly gracious guests. He's always tracking mud from those dirty cowboy boots on the kitchen floor.

Harvey: He’s not exactly an ordinary guest.

Betty: I’ve noticed. Is it necessary that those agents camp out in the kitchen? I inadvertently entered the bathroom when one of them was on the toilet. They don’t even take off those dark glasses when they go to the bathroom, and they don't lift the seat!

Tonight he invited Dick over for Dinner. The last time he came over he brought that Duck that he claimed he had shot and wanted me to pluck the feathers. I’m not plucking any feathers for that man. Why are you so nice to him anyhow, you didn’t even vote for him?

Harvey: Quiet, he doesn’t know that!

Betty: He thinks that you voted for him.

Harvey: Yeah, I told him that I voted for the Loser. I forgot that was his nickname. He’s never caught on!

Betty: At least can we stop the prayer session? He does know that we’re Jewish doesn’t he?

Harvey: I’m not sure. He keeps asking me why you wear a sheriff’s badge on your chain around you’re neck.

Betty: Get them out of here. We need some privacy. We’re never alone.

Harvey: Are you thinking about sex?

Betty: Of Course!

Harvey: Are you going to join me this time?

Betty: Don’t be silly!

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