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At Home with Sean Stupidity

 Mr. S:   Hi honey,  I'm home.
Mrs. S:  Mein Heir, is that you.

As Mrs S. tries to kiss her renowned spouse.  He pulls away.

Mr. S: You know how I like to be greeted.
Mrs. S:  Oh, I'm sorry dear.

With that Mrs. S, extends her had at a 135 degree angle to her shoulder straight out, with elbow locked.

Mr. S:  Oh, that's wonderful dear.  You're a great American.
Mrs. S:  You're a great American dear!   Oh, our vacation tickets came today.
Mr. S:  Wonderful, 2 weeks at the Reagan Library!    Ann Vulture tells me that they've removed all references to all the kids except Michael.   He's a great American.
Mrs. S:  I have a surprise for you dear.   Ann is coming with us.
Mr. S:  Oh wonderful!  She is so sexy in that 4 piece bathing suit!
Mrs. S:  Oh, you scamp you,  do I have to watch you two.
Mr. S: You know that I'd never fool around.  That's so Clintonian,

Mrs. S: Dear what's that bump on your head?
Mr. S:  I had these mirrored glasses specially made, and I can't see a thing. So, I bumped into Rush Rumproast at the station today.
Mrs. S: I see the problem, the mirrors are supposed to face outward.  You have to return these.
Mr. S:  No, that's how I asked for them to me made.
Mrs. S:  Why, dear?
Mr. S:  So, I can look at myself. 
Mrs. S: You're a Great American.
Mr. S.:  You're a Great American.   Where are the kids?
Mrs. S:  They're getting dressed for dinner.
Mr. S:  I better get changed too.  Is it the Brown shirts, armband and knee high boots tonight?
Mrs. S:  Yes dear.
Mr. S.  My favorite outfit.



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