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Still more pet peeves

I'm sitting in a place called the internet cafe. Strange name since they don't serve food. There are 22 computers here, and most are occupied. The man next to me just loudly passed gas. In the movie Blazing Saddles this was funny. In real life it isn't!

I took the railroad to Long Island today. Not only was the woman across from me sleeping with her feet up on the seat, but for a few minutes, she stretched out, her legs blocking the aisle and her feet with open toed shoes next to me. Why did I need her feet that close to me?

I've been taking buses lately. They're far more civilized than the subway. In both the bus and the subway, people see the necessity to curse profusely and loudly. On the bus we get the added benefit of hearing them on the telephone.

I am a Yankee fan. I think that Derek Jeter is a great player. I understand 14 year old girls wearing Derek Jeter jerseys, but fifty year old men, with beer bellies, should stick to Thurman Munson!

Whatever happened to manners. I've seen elderly people standing on busses, while young people and perfectly fit adults sit. Last week i gave up my seat to a gray haired lady. I later realized that she was probably younger than me.

I thought that Bill Clinton was an excellent President. a flawed human being (we all are), but an excellent President. He has also been an excellent ex-President. But as a campaigner for his wife, he should just shut up. Whoever gets the nomination, and it looks like it will be Barak Obama, cannot go in as damaged property. It is more important that a Democrat wins, than which Democrat wins. we cannot afford more Supreme Court picks made by the right.


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Apr. 27th, 2008 07:36 pm (UTC)
The lurker here; nice post about courtesy in public, etc. I really should write more about my own thoughts on this more basic concept.

Last week, I posted this topic on that comm:
Stair Sliding ... local phenomenon?
Note that I received one comment almost at the end to which I felt was not kind. I responded in much the same manner. They responded to further it, and then I just responded with a vague response (meant in extreme irony at many levels).

Lately, I have been getting very demoralized about the apparent decline in standards of behavior, etc. Things that would have seemed to be the talk of the day 30 years ago, are now matter-of-course commonly accepted, or at least condoned.

I wonder if you would be interested in discussing these issues or circumstances more in general, but not via 'public' post. I want to create another venue, if you're interested. Please respond if you're interested.
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