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The Final Reward


Sidney and Miriam had been married if 52 years when Sidney passed.

He knew that he was dying, and was had resigned himself to the fact. He had battled with Miriam for most of the 52 years. He was tired. They were battling until the end. On July 24, 2005, Sidney died. Miriam lived almost two more years and died on May 23, 2007.

Sidney was not a particularly religious man. He wasn’t convinced that there was an afterlife.

Strangely at the funeral he was aware of his surroundings. He could hear his daughter sobbing. He could hear his twin sons fighting over who gets to keep his Cadillac. He knew that he should have given it away. He heard a frail voice. It sounded like Miriam, but without the shrillness.

"I’m going to miss him." Said Miriam. "He was my whole life."

Sidney wanted to jump out of the coffin. Was this the woman that harangued him for all those years? Who never was satisfied by the money that he made.

"He was such a good provider." Said Miriam "He kept me warm for 52 years."

Bullshit!, thought Sidney. She threw out of the bed in 1982. Would you throw the dirt on me already, so that I can finally rid myself of this shrew!

Even in the ground Sidney could hear voices. Mr. And Mrs, Rabinowitz, who were buried a few plots over, discussing how nice it was that their grandchildren came that day. Mr. Levine telling Mrs. Levine how much he misses her stuffed cabbage.

Sidney thought, at last I’m at peace. I don’t have to listen to that woman anymore.

One day he heard his children’s and grandchildren’s voices. He didn’t hear Miriam’s voice. He heard the Rabbi speaking of the wonderful Miriam Klugman. Then he suddenly heard what he feared most.

"Sidney are you awake? Couldn’t you leave me with any money? You couldn’t pay the credit card."

Sidney suddenly realized that this was his final reward!



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