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I belong to six different communities on Live Journal

1) Fandom Lawyers,  that nobody ever posts to;

2) Marx Brothers, people rarely post to this site;

3) New Yorkers, which is helpful;

4) Creative Writers, I expected to post my writing and get critiques, but people rarely critique there;

5) Weird Jews,  I find this one fun.  If I post one of my parodies,  I get many critiques good and bad. I like that;

6) Political forum.  These people take hostages.   I post on that just to get a rise out of someone.  I've been called a nitwit, stupid, a zionist troll, a strawman (I didn't know there were alternative meanings for troll and strawman.  I thought that I was being called a fat little naked guy who sits on a key chain and a man without a brain.  Oddly enough, both have been true at times).


The folks who appear at that site are well read,  I'll grant them that.   They also need to go on ebay to see if they can purchase a sense of humor.

So why do I post on that sight?  I know that every time I do my computer will light up all day.  of course I am compelled to answer the fellow who goes by the name of shitforbrains!  

Am I bored?  Am I passive aggressive?

Today I was arguing with somebody who claimed that George Bush has done well for the economy.   Now clearly this guy is on hallucinatives.   If I saw him on queens Boulevard, I'd cross in the middle of traffic.

It's like a train wreck,  I can't help, but look.

Also I know how to push their buttons.   It's not difficult.  Mention Scalia, it's good for 100 responses.  Gun Control or the Second Amendment, 125.   Israel, it will go on for 2 weeks!
I wonder what would happen if I mentioned abortion?  

Don't get me wrong.  I admire their passion.  I just wish that they weren't all so angry.


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Jun. 2nd, 2008 07:15 am (UTC)
Bush has been fantastic for Israel. So much better than Clinton you wouldn't believe it. I love the guy.

P.s. - you're bored.
Jun. 2nd, 2008 10:04 am (UTC)
He hasn't been good for the US. He cherry picked intelligence to get us into an unplanned war, that there is no way out of.

He's destroyed the economy by making tax cuts at a time of war. The first time that this has been done in the history of the world.

He's made Medicaid accessible to the rich, but not the middle class.

I could go on. I think that he's the worst in my lifetime. I go back to Eisenhower, who oddly enough, may have been the best in my lifetime.
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