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 With Apologies to Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim
Sung to the tune of America

Girls: Young Men in Speedos, my memories fading
Now only wrinkled butts are awaiting
Remember our trip to Niagara
No need back then for Viagra
Now he's in more need of a bra
And the time is fading
And his snoring is grading
I liked that boy that I Wed
Back then he knew varied uses of a Bed

I wish that you were a Young Man
Boy he looked good in a Sedan
Now I can't stand to look at his Can
Boys: Look at your wrinkle from the Tan

G:    The Boys said my Bikini was so nice
B:    Now only blind ones can you entice
G:   I bought this new dress, it was on sale
B: Make sure that there is a place for your tail

G: I want to shop give me some cash
G: Why don't you stop and take out the Trash
G: I think I'll crop my eyelash
B: Better first chop off your Mustache

G: I think we should buy a new big house
B: Better you find a new spouse
G: I want a Garden to work in
B: Did you drink all of the Gin?

G: Life was so nice when we were young
B: That is when you still held your tongue
G: You always claimed you were well hung
B: You're claims were much more far-flung

G: We looked so good when we had youth
B: I think that I'm about to lose my last tooth
G: Soon we'll get Social Security
B: There won't be enough when we're eighty

B: I had my run a lot of girls
B: Had plenty of fun with a lot of girls
B: My time in the sun with the girls
G: You never got none from those girls

B: I think I'll go now to Club Med
G: I hope you keep yourself well Fed
B: I'll be the most popular down there
G: Only by people who stay here 



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