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Story of A Life

I'm in the process of packing up my life.  15 years ago when I was getting married,  I packed a lot of my personalties, much like Oscar would have threw them in boxes and placed them in storage.  The past few weeks I have the unique experience of sorting through my life.   It's unique, because I believe that this chore is often left for the family to do after death.

I found an autograph book from the sixth grade. I knew more Iras and Susans than you'd believe.

I found my high school year books from the 10th, 11th and 12th grades.  Thank god that the fashion of the early seventies is gone.  Too bad most of my hair went with it.

I found a book that I wrote in High School with my friend Robert.  He went on to write books and was a regular contributor to the New York Times.  He passed away about eight years ago.  The book and his pictures sadden me.

I found my High School Letter.  Strangely it was an F and my school's name was Highland.   I don't know what I lettered in.  Goofing off, I guess.

I found a playbill, that I wrote when I played Oscar in acting class.  Allegedly Matthau wanted to play Felix, because then he could act. He said he could phone in Oscar.   Simon responded "Act in someone else play."  I understand phoning in Oscar, except for the Cigar, it wasn't much of a stretch.

I found my college photography portfolio and yearbook.   For a short time I loved Black and White Photography.  Then that hobby like many faded.

I found my Law School Yearbook.

I found pictures from the nude beach at Club Med.  I'll bet that that made my zoom lens grow.

My wife in now helping me sort through these things.It's something everybody should do, sort through their life.  



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