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That 70's disease

 The more that things change, the more they stay the same.    Betty was beginning to believe that old adage.   Harvey had recently gotten a perm.  when she had met him, his hair was naturally curly.  Now it was naturally skin.
She thought that he looked like Larry from the three stooges.

A few days later she noticed an odd growth on his face.  No it couldn't be.  Wasn't there an ordinance against growing Muttonchops sideburns and a fu manchu mustache at the same time.  She knows  that she'd seen that look before.   After a little investigation she realized where.    She found a much younger Harvey with that same look in their College Yearbook.

As Harvey came home, whistling Close to You by the Carpenters,  she remembered reading about a rare disease in a recent People Magazine.  So she searched through her vast collection.  The light was bad, it seems that Harvey had replaced all of the bulbs in the fixtures with black light.

She looked all over the house.   Under Harvey's pet rock,   In the vest of his leisure suit.  With Harvey's Hug-A-poo shirt.

That night while listening to KC and the Sunshine Boys she confronted Harvey.   "Harvey are you going through some sort of weird mid-life crisis?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well it's like you were born again in 1975.  The Disco music, the white leisure suit,  the ridiculous hairdo."

"That's the way, uhuh uhuh, I like it."

"Harvey, I think that you should see a doctor, you may have,  That Seventies Disease."

Later that night after renting all of the Billy Jack movies,  Betty showed the article to Harvey.

"Harvey,  I think that you need a rest."

"Great,  I'll take tomorrow off,  we'll go to see Godspell on Broadway, and then to Studio 54.  Maybe Bianca will be there."

Betty realized that this was hopeless.   She went upstairs, checked on the Giai Pets, put the curlers in her hair so that it would have that Farrah Fawcett curl, clapped her hands twice so that the lights would go off,  and went to sleep.



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